What are you guys spoiling yourself with this year!?



Enjoy the new knee when the time comes!


Ugh…the Westside! :wink:


@GlassMD you flood your rink?

Just got mine in today, hopefully another 2 weeks before I can fill it.

Went with 70’x40’




If I can find one that’s not twice the price, a SNES classic.


That is beautiful brother. Nicely done! Good size and good size boards. I can picture myself flying across it!

Tarp came last week, steel net arrived last night, this week it will be assembled! Getting very excited. This past weekend was actually cold enough for a day of skating! It warned up again so it’ll be nice to work on. I probably won’t fill it for another 2 weeks, as well.


Reminds me of back to the future! That’s the truck Marty got haha super awesome man


i thought the same thing