What are you guys spoiling yourself with this year!?



Enjoy the new knee when the time comes!


Ugh…the Westside! :wink:


@GlassMD you flood your rink?

Just got mine in today, hopefully another 2 weeks before I can fill it.

Went with 70’x40’




If I can find one that’s not twice the price, a SNES classic.


That is beautiful brother. Nicely done! Good size and good size boards. I can picture myself flying across it!

Tarp came last week, steel net arrived last night, this week it will be assembled! Getting very excited. This past weekend was actually cold enough for a day of skating! It warned up again so it’ll be nice to work on. I probably won’t fill it for another 2 weeks, as well.


Reminds me of back to the future! That’s the truck Marty got haha super awesome man


i thought the same thing


Mike, how did the rink go this season?

All wrapped up now?


AWD towed on a dolly?

I thought that was a bad thing to do (4x4 's too). Seeing how only 2 wheels in contact on dolly. I hope that you disconnected the drive shaft, or that I am wrong about that, otherwise it could have done damage to the transmission or transfer case.


Yes, disconnected the drive shaft. It was a 5 minute job for my friend… probably would’ve been 30 minutes of head-scratching for me, lol


I’ve been painting models and taking my dog to the beach daily for my recreation.


The rink was a blast! Had some buddies over, kids had a blast. Definitely, doing it again. You? Good winter for it?

The weather isn’t too bad this week so it’s a good week to take it apart. My son is starting paintball. I just got him gear for his birthday and he will be out back practicing. Rink has to go and targets up!

@HBM good hobby! Bet your dog loves getting out every day like that. My brother is amazing with his dog too. Hour-3 hour forest walks daily. That is commitment I can’t do right now, as much as I want a dog lol


Yes we also had a good season, I actually have my boards out. Just had a small Winter storm come through last night seems like a warmup keeps getting delayed.

Paintball is fun, my son heads out Thursday with his lacrosse team for an all day paint ball war.


Lacrosse players playing paintball :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: should be fun and crazy lol.


Our hockey teams also do it as team bonding.


Smart. Bring the teamwork to another sport. I like it. Wish my hockey team did that back in the day :slight_smile: we always had mini sticks at the hotel. That was good bonding!


Just fried chicken. :chicken:


Still do knee hockey too but the sticks are much better than back then, nets too.