What are you guys spoiling yourself with this year!?


That’s pretty cool. I was thinking of going competitive but I’m not sure I can keep up with the young guys. Plus the Japanese are crazy good.

Plus people think you’re a nerd for competitive Splatoon…


Hah! I took 2nd in front of a 25 year old. I was 58 at the time. :wink:


I’m sure you’ll push it a little every year to get a the biggest rink you can.

Seems I always try to get a little more size each year.



Nicely done Garry! Show those young kids what’s up :slight_smile:

@jhans new size every year is a good goal. I have a good amount of hockey buddies so I’ll need space


Bet that’s fun to drive!!


Ah … Yes !! , an a Burr Grinder this thing is awesome should of bought it years ago
It’s the little things man !!!


Just picked up this little gem for my wife last night. Boy am I glad she’s easy to please :rofl:. It has everything she wanted in a car:

  • Good visibility
  • automatic
  • awd & reasonable ground clearance
  • sunroof
  • black
  • Toyota
  • cruise control


Toyota Rav nice!

I just saw a new one '17 or '18 yesterday l was like that looks really slick in “gun metal with blacked out rims.”


Awesome!!! Does she know or is it a surprise??


Yeah, she knows, and is super excited. She still hasn’t seen it in person. A friend of mine drove down to NJ with me last night, and we towed it back on his dolly. Got back after 1am, so just left it on the dolly at his house. We’ll pick it up later this week.

He’s got two of these Rav4.1’s himself. Their daily driver, and a parts car. He’s under strict orders to not take this one apart, lol.


Haha ya or your wife is going to be maaaaaaad


That looks like a mini land cruiser , lol. I’m still looking for my next Toyota . Not sure what to get, I debating between a prius or a small Tacoma


You need something nice and practical, like an 86 :rofl:


How about an 85👊🏽




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A new knee…Yay. After the busy season of course.


Ugh… min 6 weeks to heal.

Good luck!


Thank you,my last one was almost 9 weeks .