What are you guys spoiling yourself with this year!?


Hello all!

It’s been a great learning year with a good amount of experience in all aspects of the business. I have a ton load to learn still and there’s a lot down the road to conquer. I have helped pay bills and support the family, I have saved some money for the business(for future equipment and next year’s marketing) but I decided to snag a few hundred bucks to enjoy something that is true to my heart and to have fun with the family through out, hopefully this cold winter.

Welcome to The Glass Centre!

Lots to work on still and I ordered the 7ply poly 3 days ago but the excitement is unreal! First year to have the outdoor rink. I may even extend it an extra 5-10 feet! The poly will allow me to go an extra 2 feet wide and 10 feet longer. But I may just keep it as is. If anything, I’ll just add to the length.

How about you guys? Are any of you enjoying the perks of your hard work!?


What is it? Skating rink? Haven’t seen one of those since the 80s…


More like a beer rink :slight_smile:


Super cool. I’ve decided i worked way too hard this year to not take a vacation. Soooo I am going to spend christmas in Australia this year :smiling_imp: Already booked it. 5 days of fun.


Ive been doing a backyard rink for the past 12 years. Been the best winter thing ever for us from December thru March it gets used almost daily.

Ordered liner already but the set up usually begins mid November as temps get right.

What size you doing?


As far as spoiling myself I’m torn between selling and replacing my old car or putting a new engine in current one.


Australia sounds amazing! Enjoy it. I’m sure you’ll be on a lot of safaris?


That’s solid! I hope, we too can use it daily. Yea, I am setting it up early because I need to learn to have things done before it’s too late lol. I won’t be putting the tarp on until November either. I have lots to do but it’ll be nice to prepare everything and only worry about the tarp later.

What cars do you have!?


70 Chevy C10 and 68 Lemans convertible either upgrading to a new LS motor or and buying a 60’s corvette.


I bought a new Trek Fuel (edited) EX 7 29er earlier this year for myself. I had planned to get up to the mountains with it and train for some races next year. Schultz came up ill so most of my focus was on getting him better. We seem to be over the hump so I can focus on me again!
Oh yeah, Schultz is almost back to normal and long walks again.


Yes sir! I’ve already picked two days out of the 5 that will be me in the back of a wide open tour carriage!


Damn dude, gorgeous. What colours?

P.s., right now it’s at 28x48. Maybe 30x58 when I’m done


The bike is sick! My buddies are trying to convince me to get one. I said in the spring so we will see. They are always on trails. You been riding for a while?? Ever compete before?

Schultz is a beaut!


I’d love to see pictures when your back


Yes 3 zones

Use to be all wall units in my house


Those things work amazing!! Good purchase. I could use a few. Install that yourself??


No my cousin. He charge me 500 for install, but right now only 2 zones are in . I’m waiting for him to finish only been 6 months :weary:. Still can’t complain he saved me some serious money


Great labour cost man. But, ya lol. It’s always like that with family or friends. Long waits but greats deals


Trail riding is great - as long as you can avoid the tree’s from jumping out in front of you! I’ve been riding off road for like 20 years.
Yea, I’ve competed a few times. Took 3rd place 7 months after breaking my back. Usually hung a round 2nd to 3rd place with a couple 1st places as team events. Hope to enter a fun race in March then see what things look like from there.


I will definately find the thread and post them!