What a day!


Did my 2nd Residential house today. Man did it suck. Started a little before 10 am. and Finished around 5:40 pm. Qouted him $175. I didn’t think it would take me that long. My hand went through two screen because they were such a biaach. Why are screens so hard to put in and take out? Plus it was hot as HELL!!! My ***** were sticking to my leg. I think i drank 10 gatorades, 3 Cokes, and 1 Heineken. ( Thanks Cluase). Also the garage doors have some plexy glass type stuff for the windows and my Huck towel would scrach them for some reason. Anyone Know why? Used some microfiber towels to dry them but they sucked at absorbing. The guy was cool as hell. He said Fu@K it to pretty much everything that went wrong. At the end he gave me a beer and $300. Man im worn out.


Hey Top,

Good news is…I does get a little better. The important thing is you probably learned a handful of valuable lessons about window cleaning residences.
For your quote of $175–was that predicted to be what you’d like to earn hourly for a given amount of time? In other words did you think that it was going to take you 3.5 hours @ $50/hr to finish the job? That’s a good start in resi’s. It will take you a few more houses to be able to figure the time right. Hell I have been doing this for two years now and still get them way wrong sometimes.

Screens, well I bought and replaced a few screens before I realized that you have to be smarter than the screen. There are usually ways to remove them without too much force. However, sometimes you need brute force to pull those bastards out. Be careful with your tools too. I have and have heard many other guys talking about slicing or cutting a screen with a screwdriver or knife or something.

As far as your ***** sticking to you leg, try wearing underwear, man. They really do the trick for mine.

Not sure about the hucks and micros not drying the plexiglass. I’ve had it before too though.

All in all, I think that you are a better window cleaner because of today. And please don’t think that you are alone, as I come home at least once a week with stories of days like this. I take one look at my kids and know that it is all worth the s–t that we go through to make it possible for our families.

Good Luck tomorrow!


I have a pretty easy time with all frames utilizing two 1 1/2 inch flexible putty knives.

Sometimes the sun really deteriorates vinyl and plastic items over time – the surface properties change.


That’s your 2nd Res. ever?
buy a painters tool to pry the screen out. Some screens are meant to come out from the inside. That sure did take a long time, but it gets faster.

I try underwear to stop that :slight_smile:


We all have one of those days. Funny how understanding customers can be sometimes tho. Key is to be honest with them.


Well for $300 in my book its worth it… You wouldn’t be making that much working for the MAN. Dont worry man it gets better. Good Luck!


In my parts $300 a day is about 3 times as much as the average person makes. Take your learned lessons from today and go make double that next time! As others have said it does get easier. You get some days where you’ll make over $100 an hr easy, then you’ll laugh at this day.


I know people that don’t make $300 a week! Almost $40 an hour to learn that’s awesome!


That’s classic.:smiley:

Write it off man… You made about $40 an hour. Which is good when you are starting. I’ve made less, trust me.

You will look back and laugh one day. But to learn what not to do… you have to do it. Right?

You can read all the books and forum postings you want. It’s not until you do it that you REALLY learn. Or at least that has been my experience.

I heard something the other day that I thought was classic. And here it is…

“There are two things that can’t be taught. Respect and Common Sense.”

Good luck bro…


Thanks guys. I do wear boxers but my ***** are so long that they go down one of my legs lol. Today looks like its going to be slow. Nothing on the schedule and raining. Will figure something out.


Dont waste the day… Go put out fliers, or solicit new business.


the fun thing in being kinda new at this is seeing the difference in time it takes to do the same job. we had a beast of a job once did about 16 man hours ( 8 hours 2 guys)…next time there, we did it in about 5 man hours (2 and a half hours 3 guys) like everyone says it DOES get better.


Not to break b*lls here, wouldn’t that be 7.5 hours? Any how it still is less than half of the time it took at first time. Way to go.

When I first started I was only worried about quality not speed, speed will come in time. Always take the time to do a great job.

The longer you clean windows the better you will be at estimating the time it will take.


I sit here reading about some guys wet junk… I am now having one of those days.

All nuts and no fruit? sad :smiley:


Sorry bro, that is Larry’s job to point out obvious grammar and mathematical errors.


My bad!

It might not ever happen again.


Did you mean for your response to sound so unsure?

Crap! Now I sound like Larry. LOL :wink:


You’re getting paid while you’re learning.
DO it right, the speed while come with the experience.
You’re getting started, so your goal here is to build a solid customer base, which will bring you repeat business.
Residential is where the money is IMHO.




Since you seem to have already stumbled upon a “super-fan” of your work-ethic and customer service experience, I would spend some time pronto coming up with a way to motivate this client to give you more referrals ASAP…!


[INDENT][I]1. Really unique handwritten thank you card that fits his down-to-earth personality.

  1. Some kind of “special” promo for his friends only, all with a fantastic offer, this clients name on it, and a short deadline, and ‘officially’ authorized by YOUR signature

  2. Some kind of little, affordable “thank you gift” as a token of your appreciation for his thoughtfulness and consideration (he didn’t have to give you $300, right? Give a little back in the kind of gift that would be perfect for this guy, you seem to have a good handle on the kind of person he is) Clarification: This gift has nothing to do with whether or not he gives you any referrals or not, its simply a thank you gift, not a bribe[/I][/INDENT]

DO it today or tomorrow, and give it to him Monday.

Just a suggestion.