WFP vs trad


So here we have 2 videos on the 2 windows that have the same level of dirt and the same configuration.

each has its own pros and cons, at the end of the day the WFP was quicker other than 1 touch up that was required where the drainage hole continued to leak out dirt.


I generally don’t WFP houses I haven’t cleaned by hand before. WFP is a great tool for maintenance, for something you’ve done less than a year ago, scrubbing it all and bringing it into shape.
WFP is not for every job I do.

  1. If it’s not a big house, I likely won’t be saving time after I unload/load my machine, set up hoses and my extension cord, etc.
  2. Old windows with exterior wood frames/trim leach stain, so I don’t even bother WFP them, since I know I would have to return-do them.
  3. Some contemporary custom glass has seams in frame in top edge and from my experience water keeps dripping out of the seams forever. I might clean top portion of window by hand and WFP the rest.

WFP is great for French panes, I have accounts with 4000-7000 French panes !
It is also awesome for big contemporary houses with glass walls, opaque glass siding, etc.


Would like to know what criteria you guys use when deciding whether to WFP or clean traditionally.
Specifically in residential window cleaning.


For me is the amount of windows type of frames, the majority of homes in my area have powder coated aluminum sliding windows like the 1 in the videos, I find its quicker, and easier to wfp as the particular house might only have 16 windows but has close to 50 panes of glass.
What I like best about it on these particular frames is many times when you wipe the darker colors it leaves wipe marks where are the pure water does not.

If had an older home that did not have the rubber seals and powder coated finish I would likely do traditionally as the older homes have smaller and less windows and often the age of the frames can cause the potential for after drips, which the new windows don’t seem to do.