WFP & TRAD what's quicker on this job?



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Trad -

Thanks for taking the time to demo this.

I wish there was a way to quantify quality results ( WFP vs Traditional ) I am not speaking as
" in general ", But from the inside and with different lighting perspectives. Including glass clarity and detail along the edges post clean ( Like a very detailed inspection ). I watch many guys try to use WFP for way too many applications rather than a tool in their arsenal for specific jobs where traditional is too difficult or unsafe. If, for instance, a job takes 10 minutes more to do traditional method but nets me say 20% higher quality, we should choose the better result as professionals I feel.

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Absolutely agree 100% every window cleaner should aim to use the right tool for the job to achieve the best result possible. :+1::wink:


I don’t understand how you are able to quantify that its 20% cleaner if anything I would say the use of pure water makes both the glass and frames cleaner, I was a full trad for over 15 years, but honestly I really notice how much cleaner the frames and glass is especially on what I clean most which is powder coated aluminium framed windows.

I WPF 95% of all externals because for one its easier not to have to belt up with many tools, and the other is the job is faster and done as good if not better as you don’t have errors from drips, detailing or squeegee marks. Its been almost 3 years now since I started doing all exteriors with WFP and customers keep loving it and referrals keep flooding in.


These are interesting observations. I would say I got to that point but am reintroducing squeegee work for those customers who like to see a dry window left on UK ground floor work (first floor USA). Drying off a WFP’d window for those people was counter productive.


I had one customer once who came along after me wiping each window, once I explained to her how the process worked she was fine with the spots. I also guarantee that if the spots do not dry spot free I will re-clean them free of charge.


Yes the majority will accept that. Any cloth less than perfectly clean will make the window worse.


Steveo -
If you read my post I didn’t say I did quantify 20% cleaner with traditional ( I said If you could) as professionals we would need to weight the benefits of the time saved verses quality of outcome.
But I do appreciate your perspective.
As Trad did a comparison of time ( WFP vs Traditional ) I was just speculating how beneficial it would be to do a very detailed and objective inspection in many different scenarios to gauge quality outcome of one vs the other.


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