WFP newbie setup help


Just getting started in the wfp scene, I purchased a 22’ CLX, and a 3/4 cu ft di tank. I live in Houston, TX and our TDS average is like 250ppm. I plan to add an r/o kit to it on a dolly. My mom has a spare home r/o kit (new) I’m going to steal from her lol its ok because I at least told her I was gonna steal it haha. So my questions are will I lose water pressure by adding the r/o kit? Will I need to buy an electric pump? And also would be nice to see photos or maybe a how-to link for this setup I’m doing. I know other people have done this build your own kit before so hopefully someone can share the steps. Thanks in advance everyone and Happy New Years!


how big is the ro?


I believe 100gpd.


that’s not going to be nearly enough if you want to make pure water on demand. if you’re filtering into a tank at home and then filling a tank in your vehicle from that each day that might work, but not on demand. you need at LEAST 720 gallons per day (1/2 gallon per minute)

100 gpd is about 9 ounces per minute, thats not nearly enough to clean windows


Correct but, the di tank is one I just bought from wcr. I’m just putting a 3stage r/o filters in front of it. So could I add an electric pump to increase the pressure which would in turn increase flow rate? Or does anyone know where I can get a 4x40 membrane and housing cheap? Or is there a smaller more affordable but efficient sized membrane I could use? Im only going to be doing like 20 houses a month.


not that much, the Ro will cut your flow to a trickle

expect to spend $400 or more for an RO + housing, i bought a 20inch ro and turns out, it doesn’t produce enough, thats why systems that use 20’s usually have 2


you know, after building my own cart and having it inline with my unger hydro cart, i think i would go with one of the pre made carts if i was starting over again.


Will this work???


I personally use a hudson electric backpack and go to the local water supplier in town and buy DI water @$0.28 a gallon. I know its expensive compared to filtering your own water, but I never have to mess with filters or resin. Always know my TDS is good… and a $150 exterior window job cost me $4-7 worth of water. With that kind of ROI im not sure if I ever will buy a cart. Im also not 100% window cleaning either though, usually 1 WFP house a day as an add on.


Lol I’m a jack of all trades I do windows, power washing, tree trimming and removal, landscaping, and I sell roofs on the side. Anything to not have a boss lol. But just need to know whether or not I’m ordering the right type of RO membrane. Https://


Here is my setup. I am also in Houston.


i wouldn’t hobble you’re own cart together


Works well for me.


Thats pretty good only using about 20 gallons of water per house.

Along with the 4$-7$ worth of buying DI water you must include the hidden espenses of time and gas to travel to and from your pickup of the DI purchase.

Whats the end cost of getting your DI wa ter to the site?


Close by, not to inconvenient. If for some reason it is, once in a while i
will buy a few cases of Distilled water from the same place I buy SH. Not
saying that a cart isnt the way to go . If all I did was windows, then yeah
my method wouldn’t work to well and i would invest into the RO/DI set up.
For someone wanting to get into or try out WFP, then my method is a good
way to go with very little investment. Just throwing it out there, for
people that do windows as an add on that this way is cheap (initial cost),
and efficient. It’s been great tool for my business.


It’s not hobbling when you know what your doing I just needed to know proper flowrates needed for efficiency, so I could now purchase the proper 4x40 RO membrane and housing to piggy back my 3/4 di tank to. It’s not rocket science. And I’m not going to piss away an extra 2 thousand just because someone else put the system together, when I can build one right the first time by doing my research and asking the right questions. I can definitely handle a simple project of fittings, teflon tape, and hoses. My system including my 22’ CLX is less than a thousand dollars.


I have help many here build there own systems. Feel free to contact me if you need help.


Feel free to check out my build