WFP Leaked large amount of water into house?


I’ve cleaned hundreds of homes , an only once has water gotten in.
I just said “ it happened 2 months ago. Customer walk out An said your getting water in. I said oh man sorry went, An looked it was the same exact thing came in from the door wiped it up , an finished up the job.

The customer is very happy with us , loves our worked. She Didn’t get all bent out of shape from a little water getting in.

This customer were the OP is talking about is a blow hard !!!

Now back to an answer for you. How would I handle it. Well let me say this …he said it was an exterior clean no one was home so how is he suppose to know water got in. As professional we don’t want water to get in. We feel bad if it did , An we jace Insurance for any substantial damage. We will take care of any minor damage.

Dude what’s wrong wiTh you … shit happens WTF man you apologize , An Move on.

If the customer doesn’t want to use you again then so be it.

Your acting like your so above any thing going wrong are you serious?
If I Knew , An I’m sure , if the op new he got water in I’m s sure he would call as would I.
He didn’t know it’s a small freaking puddle of water on a tile floor :sob::sob: boo hooo. Give me a break already will ya.

Remember something we’re using WFP how much water can actually get in ? How much water are we using per Window.
So get over it it’s not Power washing were lots of water can get in. Lol. Seriously let me know how much damage can actually get done wih a WFP

So what would you do ? Sounds like you would hang yourself :joy:


The differences is the customer was home in your case and that’s way different. The customers reaction says it all. I guarantee most customers in this scenario would either react the same or feal similar and just not say anything.

I’m going to ignore the rest your foolish comments as it’s not worth a response.


You completely miss the point as well. It’s not about something happening it’s about how you handle the fact that something might happen.

For me the right approach is to inform the customer that there is a slight risk of water coming in. Its rare but it can happen. If your ok with that we are fine doing the outside with no one home or if you feel more comfortable being home we can schedule for a time when someone will be home.

It’s that simple. But don’t act like the home owner is an ass because they get pissed when they come home to water on the floor. The only ass is someone who acts like it’s no big deal. O wouldn’t hire someone like you to deliver my paper let alone do anything to my home.


If you go doing that with every customer, then ther goimg to question your procedure. I’m not doing it no way no how. If water gets in I’ll apologize, An take it from there Done deal. Like ya said “ it’s a rare occurrence!!!
An like I said before. If water gets on its minimal so I’m not worried about damaging things.

It’s one thing leaving your pole up against the window with the water running an taking a phone call. If it’s is getting in there than ya jace lots of water. With a quick scrub an rinse minimal water !!!

They made a big deal out of nothing. If it’ was water in therr new leather couch , then ya … we have a problem , An they jace every right To he pissed, but remember that’s why we carry insurance


You must have a lot of time …me I get busy , so the 13th it is if your home great if not leave a check in the mail box



That’s how I my approach is with my customers and it’s the opposite. They give me tons of freedom because they trust me. They know I’m not a flying by the seat of my pants and I respect them and their homes.


Basically we make an assumption unless we are told by the home owner than water leaks in when it rains then we shouldn’t have a problem.
Half of the homes I clean have screens permanently riveted in place where I have no choice if I wish to clean these screens I need to hose the windows. I find when water does enter a house I can normally trace it to an additional feature which has been added to the window a furnishing that has not taken into consideration maintenance and it generally sealing the draining holes, which in turn allow the tracks to overflow and leak on the internal sill. Now its not my responsibility to maintain the functionality of the windows.

I had one house that was constructed terribly, the home owner was a lawyer so she informed me since some of the water came into her leaky ass house that she was going to hold back $70 of my payment for the call out fee of the vinyl floor installer who she would have to call to check none of the tiles lifted, even though in doing a house wash she complained about the rear screen door didn’t come up very well as made me redo it the then the water entered the wooden door that was so far off square, the year before the problem was the front of the house where there was a huge gap under the front door and water got in there and the vinyl tile lifted up but I was fortunate that when the repair person came they found several razor blades and other debris under the tile in question. This person is no longer a customer


Yes, this has happen to me on several occasions, on both residential and commercial properties. Now I expect it and prepare for it…

The first time was a Law Firm, and an historical building on top of that, a beautifully maintained building with awesome old glass, this place was well over 100 years old with a Texas State Historical Marker on it, and a really cool Victorian Style building.

I was hired to clean outside glass only and after normal business hours.

It was my fault for not using common sense on this old glass. I was still getting use to my waterfed pole and loving it. I was very cautious knowing how old the glass was, I was excited about doing the job as it was my first historical building.

Single story but tall glass, I thought the job went well as I was doing it, nothing out of the norm and I saw no leaks or water dripping down on the glass from the outside looking in…

I finished the job, cleaned everything up, did a couple walk arounds to check on everything, sent the customer a text as requested saying the job was done and would invoice them tomorrow morning as agreed.

I instantly went into shock when I received the phone call, saying water had leaked inside and was on the hardwood floors. I immediately went over to clean it up and offered my full apologies and further guaranteed it would never, ever happen again…

There was no damage, Thank God, it was minor water leaks mostly at the base of the window, they were pleased to my immediate response and for being responsible and professional. They have called me back several times, even to do personal homes.

Lesson learned, for me was immediate! I knew from that moment on, the possibility exist and I would have to get smarter, I would only use my waterfed pole on properties that were paying me for cleaning both inside and outside glass or if I had access to the inside of the property.

I have made a couple of acceptions like explaining to the customer of possible leaks using a waterfed pole and getting prior approval. This has actually gone quite well…

I further added this situation and caution to the customer to my Terms and Conditions that is on the back page of my Quotes/Invoices plus I always brief my customers on certain issues and direct them to read the Terms on the back so they are aware and not blind sided by some small print on the back page and further remind them as necessary, that their signature is the final approval of all work, pricing and T’s & C’s.

Anyway enough of that, great topic, great discussions…


Adding this to my list of reasons to be thankful…



Well if they ever wanted you back I would bring some bottled water and say this time I bottled it up for you