WFP & lacquered wood


I have a client that imported wood from Japan to ‘recreate’ a Japanese palace. There are 300+ windows on the home and the beautiful is lacquered and they want all the wood wiped down after the windows are clean. It is a PERFECT WFP job but they are concerned the pure water will damage the wood. What is the word on this?


Are these exposed to the elements daily?


Yes. The owner of the home is literally a billionaire. I ask the home manager for the MSDS for the lacquer and he said he’ll send it over later. I have a feeling they are misusing the term, it may have a brilliant lacquered look but some just be very expensive sealant.


There is no reason purewater would damage this if the rain hasn’t.

Do they think you are using a chemical?


that is what they keep saying and I showed the house manager a video and used my tds meter to show it was pure, 000. The guy lived in the UK but said he never heard of the WFP and only wants trad. The ladder/pole work will be nuts on this one. This is the second time they’ve contacted me about it. Another company did it for half my bid and they are calling me again. The manager said he’d consider wfp if I matched the lower price…not happening. The angles on this house and steep roofing is a no go for me and my guys.


We do painted and stained wood windows all the time with no problem


Thanks John.


Sounds like an incredible building! How many sq ft? The most I have done is 16,000 sq ft home, and the lady was a pain. Good for you for sticking to your guns! There is a strong possibility you will have to earn it if you get the bid, and at 300+ windows for someone that may be picky I would want to cover my backside with expectations and price! If they had the wood imported and windows built then I would think they would see the sense in paying someone to take the time to clean them thoroughly and carefully! Its probably 300k+ worth in windows alone! Would love to see pics if it is allowed and if you and your team get it!


Sorry for the double post, I just wanted to share these thoughts. I’m a woodworker as a hobby and as a small business in college, and I used a lot of exotic hardwoods to make custom writing pens. So, I have some experience with different kinds of wood from all over the world. At an estate of this level, I would make sure they didn’t use any kind of stain or rub that has to be reapplied every few years, also if the windows weren’t created properly there could be movement and cracking which wouldn’t be your fault but could be attributed to you. The cracking may also be your fault, or at least accelerated do to the water fed pole, but that is highly unlikely unless the windows were built improperly. Some Hardwoods are very dense and don’t respond well to movement, but any kind of window built with wood should be made of wood that doesn’t have as much of this issue as some of the denser exotics. I would make sure to have a nice waiver specifically for this customer if I did them. You may have already thought of this if you’re already at the level that gets this kind of customer, but I just wanted to throw it out there.


I deleted them after I lost the bid the first time. It is roughly 12,000 but a lot of wasted space inside (high vaulted ceilings in several areas. The owner were actually really nice, even kind but do not want to spend money on services.


Tell them … with my 20 plus years experience my way is the saffest way ,the best way , for this type of laquer wood , An the only way I’m willing to do it.
If you feel saving money In a situation like this is the way you want to go , all the power to you. I wish nothing but luck .
Let them sleep on that

I love when people want to tell me how a job should be done. Cool , them have fun doing it that way

Don’t understand how wood of any kind that will be on the outside exposed to the elements , but thinking water from my WFP can harm it :exploding_head:


They do realise that the lacquer will eventually degrade with weathering and the timber will more than likely turn that shitty grey colour anyway.Either way the wfp is 100% safe to use and if he is a UK national and not heard of wfp,he is certainly talking a lot of pony!


I always ask people like that ,why are you straying on someone that does it for half my price? I’m glad to hear you’re not devaluing yourself!


Just used ro water and there will be no problem if its less the 5 tds. Really di would not hurt them Its only water!