Wfp jet position, and Tucker vs unger jet


Hi all,

Two quick questions. I will be applying the advice given to 2-3 commercial mostly.

  1. For those that use both fan and pencil jets, how do you position them? I will be using a 12 inch Tucker dual trim, and was thinking in pencil on the outside and fan on the inside. (Both sets being put in the predrilled holes on the block)

  2. How is the Flow of Tucker fan jets vs unger? I ask because my 1.8 gpm 100 psi pump can’t seem to generate barely enough flow for one set of unger jets, so I am concerned if I put both fan and pencil jets on my tucker brush there won’t be enough flow to have rinsing power for hydrophobic glass.

Thanks everyone for your input!




I can’t comment on the pump but I get adequet flow out of nothing but a hose faucet using a di tank. Even with 400+ ft of hose at 3 story’s with tucker pencil jets.


Thanks. Yeah, the faucet provides more flow than my pump by far, but with the pump it seems to have trouble with the unger fan jets only, so i was wondering if anyone was running both tucker fan and pencil with success. I run just tucker pencil jets just fine.


I recently switched my Gardiner 50 degree fan jets to new 100 degree. I use 2- pencil and 2-100 degree fan jets on each brush.

Check the video out it shows how with low pressure some jets will act as pencil jets. Gardiner 100 degree fans still will maintain a fan with low pressure.


Thanks @jhans! That 100 degree looks cool, but do you have trouble with water spashing above/around the brush and causing dirty water to drip from the frame? Still new at this so maybe it’s just a different technique? Thanks for the video link!


No splashing, the jets are in middle of brush, if your using a rinse bar, jets above brush that could happen if you dont clean everything.

The jets are a few dollars each so trial and error isnt a big deal to find what works for you.


Ok, thanks John! I will have to look into getting some.


Mine is set up with pencil jets within the brush and 100 deg fan jets in a Gardiner rinse bar. I just switch between the two depending on whether the glass is hydrophobic or hydrophylic.


Thanks @SteveEngland. Yeah, i just got the tucker rinse bar a few weeks ago and i love it! It seems to fix the issues i was having. Im sure I will keep playing with my set up though.