Wfp issues I need help


Hey guys

Been reading on here for years but finally needed to make an account. I recently got a wfp system, have been cleaning traditionally for a decade.

I bought the Xero Pure with the scrub pad and univalve… I have the boars hair hybrid brush with the two pencil jets and a a 40 foot pole, the second best model not the carbon fibre one.

I am having tremendous difficulty getting the corners of second floor or third floor windows cleaned. Very difficult to get torque or scrubbing power from the ground I find. I scrub the frame… Then the window… Then I turn the water off flip it around and scrub the window with the steel wool scrub pad, flip it around and re scrub the window and wash.

I did two passes on this house… And still had corner marks that were filthy! I mean I don’t see how I can scrub or clean a window more so I’m confused. Is it my brush? The middle of the window looks fantastic but it means nothing when the corners look like garbage.

So far I am very frustrated, if anyone can lend some tips that would be great. Another thing is this scrub pad… It’s got a very weird shape to it… Not flat… So it’s next to impossible to get the corners since it’s oval shaped or bends a bit if that makes sense.

Anyways hoping for some answers or this bad boy is going up for sale! Offers will be accepted!

What is the best brush? Are rinse bars worth it?


Technique is always something you will be honing. But a tip is when you clean the glass, go side to side on the top-side to side on the bottom, then clean the glass regular. Bristles fold over as you are scrubbing and if you look close, you aren’t actually cleaning the corners or the top and bottom. That is where the dirty line comes from.


Okay perfect I will give that a try. Any tips on how to get torque? I find the brush stays put then it bends then whips quickly to one side. Is water fed pole work more Taylored to houses or businesses you have cleaned in the past? I will try this technique now.


It takes practice to get the right pressure so that you won’t have the whip effect. Try working a bit further from the house so that you have more pressure transferred to the brush.


Yeah I think I’m going to give that a go. Just did my house and the left to right for the tops and bottom made a big difference.

Hoses is another thing with waterfed pole… I’ve got one from the house to the machine… Then the yellow one from the machine to the white waterfed tubing… Then that to the brush. Any ideas on how to organize this better…


it is much easier for maintenance cleans. however ive done first time cleans.

generally just takes a bit more scrubbing my brushes splay out pretty good when i put enough pressure so thats also a way to get in the corners. like Josh mentioned tops we go side to side instead of just up and down


Hey there :slight_smile:

We can get this worked for you. Let me ask are you using a standard nylon Tucker brush that came with your XERO Pole?

One thing to consider is picking up a Hybrid Tucker brush. 1/2 Nylon 1/2 Boars hair. This will give you a better aggressive scrub.


I have the nylon one with boars hair. The new suggested movement did the trick. Couple of blotches like splatter so I may be Rinsing too far back? Definetly a massive improvement with the left to right for the top and bottom of the window.


Sometimes it helps to twirl the pole clockwise then counter clockwise several times too.