WFP help


I am working with my water fed system today. But the windows keep drying with these white spots/runs. It’s not every single pane, but it is several.

My system is reading 0 so it’s not the system. And I am rinsing very thoroughly. I’ve even washed some 3 times and still getting this result.

Could it be something on the frames? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.



It has to be something from the frames !!!

Try an clean half the window where the spots are , an dont hit the frame see if they disappear.

If it’s coming from the frame you have to allow drip time , them clean without hitting frames again


Be sure that you are scrubbing and rinsing the frames good first before going for the glass. Looks like contaminants from the frames.


Thanks guys!


Definitly looks like frame drips. I scrub the frame and top inch of glass lots all around the house then go back when the frame is dry and don’t hit top of frame again. I usually count a set amount of scrubs side to side on each frame to keep it consistent.


Many vinyl frames oxidize quickly as well as anodized Al. Make sure just rinse best you can and show customer this is due to age…


Took a lot more time than it should have, but frames were nasty and needed a good cleaning. Thanks for the input everyone


Glad that worked out for you. I zoomed in on the frames and they were covered in oxidation.


You have to remember (and the customer too) that once window frames start to show their age there is very little that you can do about that with a simple or even deep cleaning.

Clean the frames the best that you can - but expect oxidized frames to leach. Explain that you will make the glass shine and visibly clearer and wallah.


Sounds great. I’m relatively new to water fed, so I’ll take any advice I can get. Thank you


A little bit back, I was on Pella’s site reading over care instructions for home owners. Some windows are recommended to be PAINTED 1-2 times a year. Call me ignorant, but I did not realize that they required THAT much care recommended by the manufacter. Does Pella/Anderson/ect sell exact match paint for your window frames?

I have one client that has very BADLY oxidized windows. So bad, that the tan paint is peeling off his (red)vinyl clad window frames. I told him he NEEDS to paint those frames, but I doubt he will.