WFP dual pump setup questions (single operator)


Also, what pumps are you using?


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Hey guys…:slight_smile: Pump info is very helpful… trying to build my own system, and I am wondering where to buy 100-200 gallon tank?

You can send them your measurements, where you want your ports, and they’ll make it.


I have been working on this same thing. My thought was to get a diy tank in place and use for the season and from there based on use and performance purchase a complete tank base unit to replace my diy from GrippaMax or XLine. So with this thought I wanted get a tank system up and running but keeping costs down but not giving in on quality or efficency of set up.

Found a used 125 gallon tank without baffles in like new condition locally for $100. Shipping a new tank was ridiculously high.

Just be sure if buying used what chemical was held inside so it wont contaminate your purewater.

All tanks are easily adaptable with bulkhead fittings so you can attach any type of lines, splitters or valves so placement isnt a real concern.

I purchased pumps and simple flow controllers (my preference) each individually and mounted on board. Saving a few hundred dollars.


We have found to have a good delivery pump to the filter system (ours is a 4 stage with a 1HP motor and filters at 250 PSI system pressure) this ensures good pressure allowing the RO to filter well and fill our tank pretty fast. (200 gal in about 1.25-1.50 hrs) We use 1.7 GPM 100 PSI delivery pumps. if you push water with 100 PSI you can run strictly 5/16 hose and run two poles on a single pump.

Hope this helps some :slight_smile:


Hey man, where did you find your flow controllers? We are looking to replace ours.


Pump 1 (main pump) is digital, monitors battery, while pump 2 is basic controller.


That panel looks nice! What size of water line are you running out of the pump?


I have one large 3/4" ID line fir both, from tank to pumps and out of pump also. Ill have pics soon.

This dual panel, everything new cost me about $350. to build, half of what it sells built for.


@jhans Thanks. When do you reduce the line down to the pole hose size? I’ve run only 5/16 line, straight out of the pump, for a few years with no problems, but recently I am having serious problems with back-pressure. I’m trying to avoid using big hose.


3/4" (garden hose size) from pump directly to hose reel where I run 300’ of 6mm ID hose to pole hose.


@jhans How long is your run of garden hose before reducing to the pole hose? Just a few feet or longer? I’m having issues with back pressure using pole hose only and am trying to figure this out. I’m thinking that your flow controller is a vital part of solving that. I don’t have one yet. Thank you for your answers.


About a 4’ hose, this works for me becuse it is very flexible and and my hose reel is on a slide to pull out of trailer door and swivel without binding/kinking.


Nice custom touch Jeff.


@jhans Where did you buy those flow controllers? I haven’t had any luck finding that one online.


Ebay, from UK I believe, very simple, no calibration. He listed 2 for me one with digital battery monitor I without.