Wfp cleaning script. Explaining process to customers


I’ve been cleaning windows using traditional methods for the past 13 years. About two months ago I came across a great deal on a xero pure/xero 40ft on these forums and jumped on it. I’ve cleaned a handful of homes work excellent results. Wish I would have jumped the gun sooner!


I’ve got a normal process where I described in detail how we perform each service: trad wc, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and now pure water cleaning. I did a lot of research before buying the waterfed system and have read hundreds of posts on here, however, I’m having trouble finding the right verbage to explain the process in a professional and simple manor. Can anybody share a “script” of how they sell pure water window cleaning?

I do know the main points being, safer, frames get cleaner and windows stay cleaner longer by using no soap products. Just trying to bring it all together.

Thanks in advance.

Tldr: looking for help to put together a script to describe the process and benefits of pure water window cleaning to aid in closing a sale.


I don’t know that this is much help:

I don’t sell people on a method. People hire my company because they want clean windows. I’m the pro, I pick the method I think is best based upon the factors at inspection of the work.

Yes, IF someone seems concerned because I am using “water” I will explain how it works (briefly) and tell them about the benefits of me using a WFP. I spend more emphasis on my guarantee, that I put their cleanings on auto pilot, and that if they need me I’m only a call/text/email away.


Great advice, I appreciate it.


I would answer much the same as HoosierSqueegee.
I just go ahead and do the windows as we have agreed. If it’s advantageous to use wfp and pure water, then I will.
In my experience, when you try to present it as some revolutionary method, you might be setting yourself up for extra scrutiny or expectations for a miracle that window cleaners can’t perform.
I’ve actually had some feedback from homeowners who have been ‘sold’ this method by other contractors and have decided they dislike it. Probably it’s largely psychological, but still…


@HoosierSqueegee, good post.

If there was a selling point to your methods of using wfp it could be a more thorough cleaning of frames and sills along with the windows but most importantly safer than climbing ladders.


Good points. I guess I’m not necessarily trying to sell them so to speak, i’m just used to describing in detail what to expect as far as process/outcome and do not want devalue the work by making it sound like i scrub and rinse the window when in reality that is exactly what im doing…

I guarantee i’m just way over thinking this and appreciate the feedback.


The majority of people are not going to “geek out” on process, tools, or how it’s done. As a matter of fact, getting too detailed can cause their eyes to glaze over. They don’t know what you are talking about, so they lose interest quickly.

IMO, it’s best to be brief. One big help might be to make a video for your website about your methods, and their advantages. Make that video under 3 minutes. You’ll save yourself time, and avoid off putting a client.


…LOL quite true…have seen that look a few times… Now, pretty much all I say (when I’m done) is that the water drops they see will dry and not leave spots, just like those windows (and I point to the already dry ones)


Not sure if this will help but this is what’s on my site. To keep your windows looking cleaner longer, he does not use soap, which leaves a residue that attracts dirt. Instead, waterfed poles, reaching as high as 60 feet, deliver pure water through their fine brush heads. The water that is used can be considered “ultra pure” because it has been filtered through a deionization process to remove all the contaminants. Your windows will now dry spotless and will have a streak free finish.