Welcome Wagon?


Ok guys need your input. We have an offer from Welcome Wagon. $370 a month to reach 116 households per month that just moved into a zip code. Industry exclusive, so we would be the only window cleaners. They send three mailing to the household witch includes a 5x5 add for your service. They also have digital adds that reach the new household.

They said an average of 13% open the book specifically looking for home cleaning services.

Think it’s worth it? We would be the first cleaning service company in the book for our area.


Money well spent


Right there is the reason WHY it would not be a good investment. No one else is using it,

This is that type of marketing that only works for the people selling the advertising. Just like register receipts, place mats, shopping carts, and golf cards.

For the same 3 dollars per potential customer, you could be doing your own marketing to targeted potentials to twice as many.

Always remember what services we offer are LUXURY services. You have to target the clients that are likely to buy them. New home owners are usually spent from all the money tied into buying a new home, unless they are wealthy. You would be better off advertising somehow with a realtor for people selling, I get several calls a year from people selling homes, because they want an “edge” and they want to improve the chances of a better offer. A clean home, with clean glass sells better than one that isn’t.


sometimes i pull up a real estate app and send a postcard to all the homes* sold last month. much cheaper.

*over a certain value


Can you elaborate on this Ben?


yes but I feel like I’m giving away one of my secrets that I really do try to keep to myself.

in the Trulia real estate app you can search for homes that have recently sold for a certain price, within a certain amount of time

if I sent postcards out at the end of November then I would just click through all the one sold in the last 3 months and only send postcards to the one sold in December.


Thanks for sharing one your “secrets”!

That’s a great idea!


Sounds expensive , look in to send Jim and send postcards to the homes you want




I’ve been hit up five or six times for those in my two years. Glad I read early on not to, because usually it’s men that see them, and they are out with friends having fun, LAST thing on their mind is cleaning windows.


You’re exactly right, there are certain neighborhoods with lots of new construction and I don’t do much work in them. There is certainly a demographic for people who have their windows cleaned.


Exactly , I believe I get most of my calls from females . Maybe 90%