Weird situation with a vehicle being hit


So I have a situation. I don’t think this has anything to do with a company vehicle really, but ill jump to the point

I run an LLC with my partner. I have 2 vehicles (an old 1990 Chevy Pickup and a 1999 4runner). I do not have either vehicle set up as a company vehicle as I just started off my business and use my personal vehicles for work. Normally i wouldnt mind if someone scratched my truck because its old and the paint and clearcoat are faded. but someone in my apartment complex hit the drivers side door and did some damage to the door and now it doesnt seal correctly. I think i have proof of who did it (as they live in my apartments and i saw the damage to their own vehicle. they have not come to me about it and i have not gone to them about it (yet, im about to do that today) but since this is not a company vehicle, should i just let this go or do i need to do something about this? It may sound like im being naive and maybe i am. but this is a personal vehicle that i use for my business. and this person has not told me about it.

thank you ahead of time for your feedback.


Got yourself in a sticky one there. Accidents should be reported immediately. Call your insurance, but they won’t likely do a thing for you. Go to the junk yard and get a door, or new seal. Good luck proving the other guy did it. Must have been drunk out that night. Ultimately you will probably have to fix on your own; go wash windows and out earn the problem. Dear Abby would be proud. You are in a pickle, a year from now perhaps you can laugh at it and get some new, more sober neighbors. :worried:


Make a police report, tell them what you said here.

No need to mention work vehicle or not, it happened at home

How long ago did this happen?


Depends on your deductible. Over $250, find one in a U-pull-it.


Not sure what difference it makes whether or not it is a work vehicle.
Talk to the person…if they deny it, you are just S.O.L… Go buy a door
at a junkyard.