Website Review


Hey People,

I’ve been creating a website using wix. yeah I know most hate it but I wanted just a simple website to start. I have not bought a domain name yet but I plan on it after seeing what you guys say I can change on the site.

I plan on using bluehost for my hosting and maybe to register a “dot com”. Maybe godaddy to register the “dot com” haven’t decided Still researching on the domain registration.

I’ve seen how brutal things get on here when someone doesn’t use WordPress but anyway I still need your help and experience. Just don’t rip me a new one lol


looks good.

one quibble, "Like most people, you may have a very busy life. Whether it is between shopping for groceries, after school activities for the kids, or work projects sometimes it hard to make time to clean your windows. "

this is not necessarily true for seniors (a large part of your clientele) who’s reason for hiring a professional is because often they physically can’t do it.


Hmmm good point! Any suggestions what to say to apply to all crowds


It looks good. My only critique is that there is perhaps a bit too much information/stimulation on the landing page. I think most people my age (29) want simple, elegant looks. I really like the .gif of the glass being cleaned. That is an awesome touch


My honest advice…

Copy over your content and photos, dump Wix while you can and switch over to Wordpress.

Your meta is all wonky because of Wix and it won’t rank, and you will have a very hard time getting Google to index it at all, nevermind rank it.

Some things I’m noticing that are going to kill your chances with Wix:

Your page is 3752 lines of code. At least 74% of that is Wix trying to load every webfont in the toolkit onto your page, seemingly for no reason.

Most of the rest is nonsensical and probably inactive Javascript that is also bloat.

For comparison, my homepage which is built on a very robust theme in Wordpress (which means more code) is only 404 lines of code, and I’'m still rebuilding it so it hasn’t been compressed yet. I should be down to about 300 lines by the time I’m done. For even more comparison, the WCR forum homepage is 514 lines, and there is a whole lot going on there too.

The inherent problem with Wix and Weebly is the incredible amount of bloat that comes along with their sitebuilders. Its almost as if the full sitebuilder loads onto the page’s backend. That is a Google killer.

Just some friendly advice from a somewhat local friendly competitor :slight_smile:


Are you sure Wix wont rank?


Wix can rank, but its a whole lot easier to rank with a non-bloated, intermediate platform such as Wordpress.

A Wix user will typically not know to look for important aspects of a page. For example, JMR’s site and page titles are simply “sussex”.

Sussex what? Sussex, England? Sussex Boro? Sussex County Fair?


I’ve heard the stories about word press but wix has done really well with there changes. I do see the concern with bloat. thanks bro


What do you mean "taking over a whole area?


are you familiar with seo jet


Oh, rank and rents.

I never really got into that with my SEO agency as it was much easier to build out a brand and area for a paying customer than it is to build something and hope you can sell it.

If a Weebly site with zero content came running in like that, there could be much more running behind it. A PBN, aged domain etc could be juicing up the main domain.

Here’s the thing with rank and rents nowadays… organic listings are cool and all, but Maps and Ads are taking up most of the above the fold real estate, hence they are far more important for a service business than lower SERPs. The r&r model is getting a lot more risky for agencies who are smart enough not to link these properties to a legit GMB account.


I used to do that for my own company. In 2014 I found that its much easier to focus on 1 powerhouse website than build and maintain 20 of them.


also if i had domains like folsompropertymanagement .com and did blogs or created a organis forum would this work?


Would what work?


thats what im thinking. but the cost of a fictisiouse name is small if you can create a local listing for each. to piggy back on yelps seo google maps and so on individually .


If it was 2013, I would agree. In 2019, fake GMBs are risky business


i mean youd basically have your own guest post service


i agree but the hopes is to create a franchise opportunity


awesome thanks for your time man. sounds like i have some more learning until i can compete with you guys. :wink: