Website Review


Hey People,

I’ve been creating a website using wix. yeah I know most hate it but I wanted just a simple website to start. I have not bought a domain name yet but I plan on it after seeing what you guys say I can change on the site.

I plan on using bluehost for my hosting and maybe to register a “dot com”. Maybe godaddy to register the “dot com” haven’t decided Still researching on the domain registration.

I’ve seen how brutal things get on here when someone doesn’t use WordPress but anyway I still need your help and experience. Just don’t rip me a new one lol


looks good.

one quibble, "Like most people, you may have a very busy life. Whether it is between shopping for groceries, after school activities for the kids, or work projects sometimes it hard to make time to clean your windows. "

this is not necessarily true for seniors (a large part of your clientele) who’s reason for hiring a professional is because often they physically can’t do it.


Hmmm good point! Any suggestions what to say to apply to all crowds


It looks good. My only critique is that there is perhaps a bit too much information/stimulation on the landing page. I think most people my age (29) want simple, elegant looks. I really like the .gif of the glass being cleaned. That is an awesome touch