Website Critique Please!


So I just started my business and could use some positive or negative criticism on my website. I have my social media links on the bottom of website as well. I recognize that part of being successful in business, is being teachable. So please don’t hold back. And don’t worry, I am not a snowflake so I wont get offended or get my feelings hurt. LOL!


Firstly, your name and slogan don’t match. Trinity is theee in one, your slogan is two equals one.

Your company name doesn’t fully display on a mobile device in the header.

It would be good eventually to replace some of the stock pictures, especially the one of the dog, with some quality images of windows being cleaned.


Thank you for your response Cade. First thing is my company name was thought of by my wife and because we are ordained ministers and therefore Christians, the Trinity name was based on that so we were not thinking how it would or should relate to the slogan. Will rethink the slogan in future for sure.

Also, I am not sure what phone you use by I pulled up the website on my IPhone in google chrome and I was able to see my business name fully in the header. Will try different browsers to see if it changes. I also agree on the images or stock photos. Once I start getting more jobs I will have my son or myself take some good photos of us cleaning windows so I can put them on my website. Thank you so much for your feedback. Will definitely make some changes.


That’s awesome. My wife and I are pastors as well.
This is how I see it :


Your page when you first land, isn’t eye catching. Maybe make the header banner a little smaller or change colors or something.
2 You get wordy before you show any pictures. People have SHORT attention spans. Condense what you have to say or you will lose them. A video IMO, would be better than a lot of text to read.

3 What does commercial window cleaning have to do with “our cause”?

4 Are you doing total home cleans post construction? (everything, not just windows) It appears from the photo that you do.

5 Your marketing copy needs work, honestly. It just doesn’t “sell” IMO. It’s rather dry and boring, and no real call to action IMO too.


Thanks for the feedback. I paid a guy $300 to to set everything up for me and he took an entire week to make me a bare template that I was able to do in one hour so I had to let him go. I did the website myself which is obvious lol. Definitely will be changing some things this evening. I honestly appreciate your input. I am not new to Window Cleaning etc from a labor perspective but am definitely not the best when it comes to marketing, advertising etc. My website is evidence of that. So I am extremely glad to have this forum and the people here to help guide me in this area.



Your site has a lot of great features!

Squarespace can be a great platform.

You might want to consider putting a call to action right in the middle of the page under your logo. Maybe text that says Free Estimate then under that a click to call button or a click to text button. you could put what ever you want in button text Call US Today or what ever. No harm in asking for the call ask early also make the button a color that grabs attention that is why in this case in center of page above the fold.

As an example here is a site that just has a click to text button and click to call button.

Here is a link how to make click to call button in SquareSpace

For you guys that know some HTML here is link code just the bare link still needs to be styled just change the number after +1 and the button text can be what ever you want

Click to Text
<a class="text-btn" href="sms://+15623406672">Click To Text US</a>

Click to Call
<a class="text-btn" href="tel://+15623406672">Click To Call US</a>

Hope this helps Mike Haslam


Thank you for the advice. Will work on it tomorrow.


I hate that you have a popup. Just my initial response.


It looks good. I like the colors and font. I agree about having a click to call button. People are impatient and want to get in touch with you easily. Also, I would add more about the cities you service. It’s a little confusing. I noticed Central Florida once, but the phone number is out of state. If you’re new to area and don’t want to change your cell number I’d suggest getting a Google Voice number so people know you are local. Personalizing your site with pictures was a great suggestion too.