Teens and cold yesterday.
Rain and drizzle in the fities today…

“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc”


♪ [I]“One. Is the loneliest number…”[B] ♫

[I]Haha, it just looks so pitiful.[/I]


LOL…so funny!!!


It’s been rough this week. Only going to get up to 65.

I love Vegas.

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Looking at everyone else’s temperatures makes me really appreciate Florida what a beautiful state 365 days a year I’ll take the rain

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Teens last night
Frozen sleet and snow this morning
Hi of forty tomorrow.
Hi ho
Hi ho
Then it’s off to work I go

“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc”


Jfromthed you been doing this a long time is this one of your worst winters so far. So far from what I can remember this has got to be our worst I been through not snow wise, but cold.


Oh yeah. This is definitely the worst winter I can remember.
It’s the longevity of the low temps that makes it so bad.

They say that we’re going to break the all time record for snow in 1 month, by Thursday

  • it seems like I’ve seen worse, but statistically- I guess I’m wrong.


Ditto this comment. I have always gone out in bad weather to clean windows on the commercial routes, even cleaned windows when there was 1’ of snow around the building; but I’m not going out to clean windows when its 15-20 degrees. This will be the second day in a row that I dont go out to clean. I think I have rescheduled 5 days this year because of the temps.


28.0 °F
Feels Like 28 °F

C’mon Spring, get here already!


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Warm up in the northeast for a few days. Too bad my work is done for the week and it was in the 0-25 range when I worked! Yesterday when it hit mid-20’s it felt almost balmy!


Next week looks good also degree wise 30s . Thank god!!! What a brutal week .


this next 10 days is going to be chilly…

Moses Lake, WA Weather Forecast from Weather Underground


Next weeks forecast

I’m so happy I can cry


funny! looks like our forecast just add rain all week.


I’ve never been so happy to see rain :slight_smile:
We got another foot of snow yesterday. And an additional 2 inches over night. I’m done! I’ll be in the shed sharpening my wfp lol.


This story has been progressing on our news for a couple months.
Once it hit 70% it became a pretty big story.

As of today, 88% of the Great Lakes is currently covered in ice. :rolleyes:


Seeing those numbers turned me on so much… I think I need a cold shower!


We’re reliving the ice age. Lets migrate south with the rest of the mammoths