That was funny. ‘Random image.’ :smiley:

It’s 25º- I think that’s warmer than it’s been all day.
[soggy/frozen feet] :frowning:


Stay warm…and don’t get your feet wet silly!


I hear ya bro, I was cleaning a storefront this morning and the water was freezing on the inside of door.


Wasn’t so cold this weekend in the northeast. 60 here today.


Was awesome Dan. Finished up the last of my gutter cleaning today. Although now I have no more work :frowning:

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same here we get a nice day and I get 2 calls for gutters. to bad it’s going to be 18 and snowing tomorrow when I actually do them :slight_smile:

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Don’t be ridiculous… you don’t brand saddles. I’ve got it embroidered in my stetson.


This turns my stomach… :frowning:


I thought buffalo was cold are you in the North Pole?

Josh Rouse Derby NY


sure looks like it, huh?


Ouch…30 day ago or so it was like that for 2 straight weeks.


Yeah, we had a stretch that was in the 20’s.
I can deal with it, but I don’t like it.

-the ‘lows’ are what really gets me the most.
I mean seriously… “two degrees?” :frowning:


I agree

I thinks anything below 20 degrees should say “IT"S GOING TO SUCK” instead of a number.






“[I]Holy Glaciation, Batman[/I]!”

Is that Celsius?!? :smiley:


-50 right now with the windchill… absolutely unreal


Friday looks nice…


Monday morning
Snow at home ( east coast)
Here in tejas where I am at its
30 mph winds with a wind chill @ 20 degrees.
It ain’t the cold it’s the wind…

“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc”


Bundle up slick it be chilly out there!