Swim shorts,sandals and a beanie.


Be safe Steve.


Always sarcasm, always! Lol :wink:

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Thank you! I sincerely appreciate that! We are looking down the barrel of another major weather disaster. We appreciate any and all prayers…


Me never…LOL

Layers and more layers…its the only way to stay warm.


Froze my hiney today.


The wind is what got me, started out great then BAM temperature dropped and my scrim froze solid along with my fingers.

Best part of the day was realizing when I grabbed gear I didn’t bring my toolbox of replacement rubbers. Now I am convinced that only real men use unger hard below freezing.

Kicking myself for not adding those neoprene gloves I was toying with buying on my last order lol!

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Already had a 15-20 car pileup here in Dallas-Fort Worth tonight due to ice on the roads from what I’ve heard… Wheeee!

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Okie? Down here I’d be happy to see those numbers and I’m in San Antonio Texas!

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yeah i dont know what it is those texans dont know how to drive on ice. (used to live in dfw for 5 years) :wink:

Story time: :slight_smile:
One time on the way back from Kansas an ice storm hit as we were getting into Dentonn, I tapped my brakes and could tell there was ice on the roads. I looked in the rear view mirror to see a semi slide from the right lane, turn around backwards, and slide across into the center ditch… that took about an hour and half to get back home which normally would be 30 min… watch out and be careful!


You’d rather see this…

Instead of this??

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Of course not, but today in the hill country where my guys and I were working it was 34 with a wind chill at 28. Busted out the glaciers a few weeks ago to keep em handy and one my guys said ‘never gets cold enough for that! Well never need more than long pants and a light jacket once get working!’

He was begging for the gloves and company jackets/beanies/personal heaters to be ordered and issued STAT. Best part of my day today!

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We didn’t get above 25 today. Not typical for this time of year. Usually in jan/fen for that crud.

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It’s the same here, near Buffalo the first few times it snows everyone forgets they’ve been driving in it their entire lives, accidents and slow drivers everywhere! I spent my first 21 years down south I really don’t miss the blistering heat that much tbh. nice for an annual visit tho.

Josh Rouse Derby NY


Yea, really not looking forward to the already bad driving getting worse here. I’ve been all over the world and no where have I found worse drivers than this city… and don’t even mention that wet stuff falling from the sky. Doesn’t matter if its rain, snow, ice, sleet, or hail if you get any form of precipitation coming these guys go bananas!


Be safe…No Monkeying around out there!!!


Tell me about it! Around here, you gotta watch out for all of the city-dwellers who come up to ski. They’re driving their big SUV’s, usually riding on ‘all-season’ tires, and acting like they’re invincible. Sorry people, but 4WD only helps you [I]GO[/I], it doesn’t help you [I]STOP[/I]!

Several years ago, I was riding with my dad in his Toyota Echo in a heavy snow storm. He was driving a reasonable speed for the weather, but there was this Jeep Cherokee that decided to pass us. I saw it pull up along side of us out of the corner of my eye, and then all of a sudden it was gone. I looked back, and sure enough they were in the ditch. We went back and gave them a ride to the repair and tow shop around the corner. They were so embarrassed :D. Turned out, they didn’t even have it in 4wd.


Well it looks like I’ll have tomorrow off

Calling for -15 to -25.with the wind chill.


Can we say, snow bird it!

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We were driving to an account yesterday morning and we saw the freeway sign which has a changing message say “Warning Black Ice ahead”. This is a first for me in this area. Looks like we will be below freezing for six nights in a row. I can’t remember the last time that happened here.