I’ve fallen victim to, too many things going on in my yard.
Nobody believes me, but it takes hours to do my yard.

Most people have straight passes, I have zig zag, figure 8’s, zipping doo’s.

A lawn company would probably charge me 100 bucks to mow my yard.

I suck.


I have been trying to reduce the mowing need of my yard. Larger garden areas and easier straight patches of grass. Each Summer I look for more ways to reduce mowing…Less maintenance.


Exactly! I’ve become such a minimumalist.

I rarely even plant things anymore…



I have one room thats completely sealed off from the rest of the house.
I smoke there, and have a PC there.

It’s 85º at 9:30 pm… and my computer fan is SCREAMING. lol.

That’s my “current/real time”

  • still aint complaining, though!
    (January is coming soon!)


“The vault” … “The Think Tank”


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This is unreal

It was 18 degrees Monday

Taking off he layers today
Middle of Jan… crazy



3 days ago we had single digit temps with sub-zero wind chill. Today thru Friday, it’s temps in the mid-60’s.


You should strongly consider a 9 month work schedule :scream:



Ha ha man i wish i could.I’d lose business if i done that!Maybe someday it’ll happen.


Hey the extra layers came in handy during this last snow storm here!
Check it out!

And now this and freezing fog


:joy::rofl::cold_sweat::sob::sob::sneezing_face::sleepy:. That’s insane -17 …holy shit man !!!

Feels like paradise here compared to that.


This kind of weather is not enjoyable at all.


Dude that sucks. I don’t miss that sort of mess like we had in Iowa. Here I consider it cold when it gets down below 40.


I’m suffering here. :wink:


We’re think about becoming snow birds… :wink: