I really am!

Those around me, have decided…
I’m not an asshole.
Not a jerk.
Not intentionally mean.

I’m “bitchy.”

  • and think I agree. :blush:


I dont agree…
…your entertaining!

  • you have spacel awareness ( +)
  • you have mental fortitude (+)
  • your calculated (+)

Tic toc… 25Th hr…

  • you so i took April 5Th off (-)



25th hour comes when you can fill the other 24.

Ive been in an endless spiderweb of rebooks, “hey it’s snowing” and other oddities.

I’m keeping my bitchiness at minimum, because I honestly appreciate such a mild winter.
But like you said… “TickTock!”


I totally understand, this winter has been pretty mild.
With spots of the 3 days said it was sunny and not blowing 25…
Well today mr.customer it is raining and blowing 25mph…,
But over all 2016 so far has been kinda nice! :slight_smile:


Dead on, man!
It’s like this crazy added factor.

Today was 30º, but the high April sun made it feel a lot warmer.

(it actually kind of cool that we have a “Weather” thread to talk about this, because it DOES affect us, daily.)


It does affect us daily. Ive dealt with weather affecting daily to year outcomes for 25+ years.
It can be over whelming if you dont track or know to track predictable patterns.


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snow in May wtf


Dude… we have a “FROST ADVISORY” tonight…

I hate my life. :unamused:


“the sun will come out tomorrow”

  • and it’s Sunday!


We had a snow warning up in Toronto too, but so far just cold winds.

Broken clock weatherman…


Where are you brother ??? I need to complain about the weather. :fearful::sob:

The AC feels so good an me Van.


Sooo glad the A/C is ice cold in my van.


Crazy !!!

I’m passing up work because of this heat.
Have one job on for Saturdsy 2 hours tops, an that’s it going home

I would do it if it was close , but it’s not so…AC for me


Had a small 1 1/2 hour job this afternoon. I was drenched even though in the shade the whole time. Going paddling tomorrow to the springs where falling overboard is mandatory…lol


lol @Majestic66 my truck read 99º today.
I think it only hit 96, and it’s 88 right now.

I can’t complain, because then I couldn’t bitch so much in the winter.

In fact, I came home and mowed my lawn after work, today.

  • but then again, I “ain’t known fo ma ‘smarts’ either.” :laughing:


ugh !!! I hated the fact I had to cut my lawn after a long hot day working

I bartered with a landscaper buddy of mine. I washed his paver patio, an his Mothers house , he cuts my lawn all year 1x week.

My lawn never looked so good. Let the pros do what they do.


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To know what ?


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