I don’t want to complain about the weather , cause Steve , an J will pIss on my pitty party , but it’s getting cold out there :tired_face:


Nah go ahead and tell everyone how your feeling about the weather.


It’s Alril 4th

And I have a 3 piece 8’. And I have a 3 piece 12’. That’s frozen in place.
Side door was frozen shut this morning. Had to go in the back door an push it I open

. I worked In The rain yesterday

Ok rant over. Got to finish my coffee, an bagel

I’m going home :cry:


First of all you shouldn’t put your ladders away wet…Duh!

Second of all… suck it up buttercup and get your grind on its April 4th… winters on it’s way!

Right @JfromtheD !!


Jfromthed is still sleeping . He ain’t going out in this weather

Not my ladder Cupcake. My sticks :grimacing:


Sorry coffee hasn’t kicked in yet…

Sucks when your poles freeze up…

and I doubt J’s still sleeping!


My poles were frozen yesterday, too.

Probably are today, as well. Havent used them yet.
It’s currently 27º


Morning J!

Told you Mike , J wasn’t sleeping!


I’m sitting in my warm office drinking my coffee booking jobs while my guys are out pressure washing in 40 degree weather :grin:


I was bummed to see snow the past 2 days…


It’s warming up now. So he is probably out there. He can’t handle the cold. Like us lol


Last Saturday poured rain. Snow Storm Monday. Today too cold and ice on the ground. Tomorrow would be fine but ice still on the ground. Thursday going to pour rain. Friday might be more rain.

Great start to the window cleaning season :frowning:


Truth be told… I TOTALLY took the day off! :blush:


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It’s been “windy” for about a year…

Ive never had so many days where I’ve been ready to “call it” due to wind.

It’s an underlying concern for the first time in my life.
No joke.

Temperatures/global warming/climate change aside…
wind has been a factore more than I ever remember.


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I embrace "global warming."
Heck, an increase in temperature would turn us into a global destination.
Fresh Water > Salt Water

But I’m honestly ‘drawn attention to’ but not quite ‘worried’ about wind conditions at least once per week.
“Concerned” is maybe a couple times per month.

  • I don’t like it.


Wind had been bad here too.


What IS that?


Your exhausting J… :wink:

  • To cold
  • To windy
  • My hands hurt from typing the night before

Reasons… Why
Edit i did ready anything after