We need a national storefront average pane price!


Who is talking about price fixing? Certainly not me.

Edited to say, the original post was about getting a feel for market pricing, not collusion. Other things that are illegal and have nothing to do with this post are:

Racketeering, armed robbery, counterfeiting, trafficking in controlled substances…


The title of the topic suggested trying to come up with an average price. I know it was meant another way, just thought I would mention that companies working together to set pricing is illegal.


Average avg.? For me, it’s $2.78 per pane in/out.


I’ve been successful getting a dollar per side per pane. If I’ll be there several hours, I come down a little bit. I find it easier to do large panes ( within reason) because of less detailing, weeping sills, etc


I’ve been scooping up storefront work pretty easily starting at 2 bucks a side for normal shop windows. If a window is smaller than my 18" squeegee can fan comfortably and I can reach it without a pole, it’s 1 dollar a side. If a window is wider than my arm span and I need more than 4 feet of pole to reach the top then I classify it as ‘extra large’ and charge 4 bucks a side.


Started at $2 per pane/side (however you want to call it) and now at $2.50-$3…most are not straight runs of glass like car dealerships/commercial buildings though.


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I typically get a dollar a side per pane. This excludes scraping, extra soiled etc.


$2 per pane for a monthly in Homer, Alaska. Charge a dollar or so more for first time but I sometimes do a first time customer discount.


Amen. Every job is different, I suppose I could break it down by pane. I personally look at the time it would take. Have to make at least a dollar per min ($20.00 being our minimum) and if I’m there an hour I like $80.00 +.


Interesting topic and depending on the city and parts of town for me.


I’m at $2.50 per pane in and out. If it’s a larger front entryway like a Target or something like that the price goes up from there. I’ll shave $5 or $10 off for weekly close to my route.

To clarify: That’s $2.50 inside and $2.50 outside.


When you say price per pane is that both sides? Like is 2 dollar per pane the price for both in and out? Im trying to figure out what “per pane” actually means. Thanks


Per pane is one side.


I always thought “per side” meant one side.


Per side certainly means per side, per pane means per side in most cases, per window means something ambiguous to however it it used, known only by the one using it. A pane of glass is the physical sheet of glass used, which would include both sides.

“I will clean that pane of glass for $3.50 per side.” … “I will clean that window for $5.00 plus $3.00 for the screen.” “Is that inside and out?” “That is one side only.”

Moral of the story - say what you mean, mean what you say, and in most cases explain it. :wink:


I say per pane side.


Are those prices for each side or both inside and out? Thanks.


Yes per side.,never tell customers a per plate price. Give them a price per job.

You price over here for 10 windows might be differn then what it is over there for 10 windows for one reason or another.

My price for a clothing store with 10 plates is going to different than my price for a diner with 10 plates


This right here!