We need a national storefront average pane price!


So let us know, what is the average you charge per pane, per side, for storefront window cleaning?


I am anywhere between 1.00 and $2.00. Average $1.50


Weekly 1.00-1.50
Bi-weekly 2.00-2.50
Monthly 2.50-3.00


This is hard to give a single answer. I charge by the section not by the pane. Usually there is either a large pane on the bottom with a small one on top that makes up one section or there is a small one on the bottom and a big one on top, or there is just one large pane from top to bottom that makes up one section… For me with all those scenarios I charge the same price per section. So when you say price per pane are we talking per section or per pane?

There is also the ones that have three panes stacked from top to bottom that make up one section. the sections usually are taller and there is more frame work so it slows it down so I would charge more per section.


This will be hard to tell and do. Demographics changes the scenario all the time!

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$1-2, but minimum is$20. No more under 20. All the ones that were 10 were raised last year


I guess I’m looking for the average price per pane, so if you do a section of 2 panes for $3 ($1.50/pane), or a similar section of 3 panes for $3 ($1/pane), you’re somewhere in the $1.25 range. But it sounds like you come across 2 pane sections more than the 3 pane ones, so you’d answer $1.50/pane (or whatever the case may be)

Thanks all, for your help. I had a situation yesterday where a store owner said my prices were “way high”, and I wanted to tell him that his current cleaner is way low. We have the nice ticker for residential prices, but I thought it would be helpful if we could point potential clients to a “national average” for storefront cleaning, as well.

@[U]Majestic66[/U] - I’m thinking now that maybe this should be split up into a couple different polls, according to frequency, as I imagine there are a lot who charge differently depending on how often the windows are cleaned (I know I do).

[SIZE=4]Oh, and our current average is running right at $2.50[/SIZE]


I guess that’s hard for me because I don’t price commercial by the pane. I don’t see how you can. the size of the panes vary so drastically in size that it does not make sense to price it that way. Most sections are common sizes because they usually cover the floor from floor to ceiling, so it makes more sense to price it by the section no matter how it is divided. Unless it has 3 panes stacked and then it takes a little more time.

Then it also depends on whether we’re talking about a first time clean or a maintenance clean. Big difference in price for me.


Ya my store front business is 60% weekly customers an the rest are bi weekly an monthly i try not to sell weekly unless the shopping center is mostly getting done that way


I’d be lucky to get .50 a side.


We service our city and a dozen or so towns nearby. Our prices vary from town to town. For instance a little town I marketed 10 years ago and found there was no other window cleaning service - we charge almost $4 per pane / $2.75 for outs only. Where as my city where there are dozens of other company’s competing for storefront I charge 1.25 per side.

I’d say average probably $3.00 per pane in/out…


Good question and good forum. I charge a bout 1.00 per pain here in London Ontario Canada. Paul M


A pane of glass is a pane of glass.


Between $1.25 and $2.00 per pane depending on size. $1.25 per pane as a base no matter how small, then goes up depending on size. (Obviously a huge 4 foot x 10 foot similar to a car dealer would be higher.)


A 3’x8’ pane of glass takes less time to clean than a 2’x3’ pane that you don’t need a pole to reach, even on a maintenance clean. On a first time clean there is a huge difference when you have to razor or steal wool the glass. On top of that there is frame work to consider. The more frames means you have to clean them which takes more time. So my only point was that for me it makes more sense to pick a variable that is more consistent from job to job like the sections of windows that may be divided differently but are usually a consistent size. Window panes very to much in size.

Maybe it has to do with the area here. Most store front glass here is strip centers, unless it’s in a downtown area that has older shops. Then its usually single panes. So most the time the store front is in a strip center and the front certain wall makes up the first floor from floor to ceiling, which is often a consistent size from building to building.


Larger panes $3-4, smaller $1-2


I usually use $1.75 and multiply that by every glass surface regardless of the size… This kinda helps me to get in the general range of the price I want and if i feel the price is not right then I just adjust it. So I guess you could say I kind of price more by how long I think it will take me.


i aim for $1.50, but adjust according to certain variables that have already been mentioned.


Anyone care to update this? As I attempt to build a sustainable route, I am finding storefront business to be stuck in the buck per side/per plate range. At that price, I see a lot of “splash and dash” quality, and it amazes me how many places accept that.



Trying to set a standard price is called price fixing and is illegal. You should never enter into any agreement with another window cleaning business in regards to setting prices.