We Are Losing


It’s almost official. After five years of operation, the Pressure Washing Resource Forum is about to surpass WCR in activity and daily users.


And they are gloating about it! - https://pressurewashingresource.com/community/t/we-are-winning/10520


Quality, not quantity


It just means they have more time on their hands. The more we work the less time we have to be online.


Anyone can point and shoot, what we do is an art form so there’s less of us skilled artists around :wink:


If we did a virtual liposuction and subtracted posts about shooting things, building DIY rafts from old buffer tanks and Innocentbystander telling people to go find another profession, and then where would we stand?


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You even got me to click over there…

Nice Chris! :wink:



Why you stirring up the pot ? Lol


Wow guys, I am having so muh fun over there! Where are all of you ! They are a hoot and a hola!!! Join me! Who wants to be a pressure washer for the day. Apparently it takes no skill! Their words not mine! They complimenting us alot! But our forums our dead! I think what someone above said is true… They must be bored and dead in their business! Maybe time to learn a stronger skill!


We are just washers. My brain is too old to learn new skills. Window washing is definitely easier on the body but not a skill I ever mastered enough ro be efficient. A couple of my guys came from a lical company called window gang. Those 2 are amazing to watch clean windows but I’m to back logged washing to try to market windows. Rock on window washers. I won’t post any homemade raft pics over here and sully up your forum :slight_smile:


Thank You!






i like how this meter assumes you need to know when you have Pi levels of caring


I’m surprised to hear that. I’ve never been impressed with the level of dialog on there. Always seemed like a ton of threads with one or two replies. No offense, but I actually started reading this thread and assumed the announcement would be that it was shutting down.

How much of their activity can be attributed to new users who are starting up and think that pressure washing is simple, easy money?


Let’s fight them. I will be right behind you guys.


We should probably just all hug and find some landscapers to make fun of :wink:


I guess it depends on which side of the fence you are on. I’ve been doing this since 98 and didn’t know there was a forum for window cleaners until yesterday when Chris posted the link. I thought the PWRA was a window cleaning forum that morphed into pressure washing. Both jobs probably suck as much as the other.