We are all in the same boat now!


Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the latest sticker the glass companies are putting out I’ve posted a pic of it in this thread.
In short the use of anything besides soap, water, washer sleeve, and squeegee is prohibited. Add to that the use of any acidic cleaner would void the IG warranty and this puts us all in the same boat.
What I mean is that now every method would require a waiver. Anything we do to get the stubborn dirt off is not acceptable to the glass company now. This would even include the Magic Eraser, white pad, steel wool, or any abrasive cleaner.
If the customer won’t sign the waiver we can all tell them that the only way the glass company has allowed for their windows to be cleaned is what’s on their sticker and unfortunately this means most of the stubborn dirt will still be there. Sorry homeowner!
Maybe now we can all get together on the FD issue.


If I am not mistaken, Dawn says not to use their soap on windows. So I guess its just water. hmm


Man that company just does not like window cleaners


Or a professional glass cleaning solution


Does the sticker come off with soap and water? Can you use a razor on the glass after the sticker is no longer on the glass to read? HaHa


How long do warranty’s normally last? Is Pella, Anderson and all the others following suit?


Im not sure if a squeegee even qualifies under that sticker.


What were you thinking to make that happen Tony?


Perhaps getting the alternative crowd to realize that finding ways around FD simply isn’t possible. Those of us who use waivers and razors have been fighting FD for years and it would be nice to have every professional window cleaner using waivers and joining the fight instead of ignoring the issue.


This is where I think your wrong, the alternative crowd isn’t ignoring the issue they choose to deal with it in a different way.

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I think some sort of waiver to cover us from being blamed for prexisting scratches should be handed out and signed. I don’t agree with a waiver being used as a license to scrape away with a razor.


Mike - w/ the new sticker you’d need a waiver to do anything other than a washer and squeegee.


Jay - I understand. Of course I also think you are wrong but it’s kind of moot since the new sticker means alternatives are banned as well. Maybe if we all had worked together from the beginning things would be different. Now we’ll have to join forces or face a time when the only thing we can use on tempered is a rag and Windex.


What am I wrong about? You think the alternative crowd is ignoring the issue? What the industry needs is a way to get the glass makers to stop making bad glass. I have no idea how to accomplish this, but this is what we should be rallying around, not arguing over who’s way is right. The window cleaning organizations would be better off working with contractor and builders organizations than glass manufacturers in my opinion.

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Eastern Seaboard-Mike,

I agree with you …



Included in my waiver is language addressing pre-existing damage.

I have yet to see anyone post that they believe a waiver can be used as a license to scrape away if one knows that damaging is occurring. This continued argument reminds me of the whole Rush Limbaugh / Planned Parenthood-is-using-federal-funds-for-abortions lies.


I agree w/ you wholeheartedly on this point.


What was I wrong about, though?

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That you think the alternative crowd isn’t ignoring the issue. They blame the razor and/or the cleaner. That’s wrong in my opinion.


Ok, you interact with a lot more window cleaners than me so that may be the case. I don’t get that(blaming the razor or cleaner) from what I’ve read from people who use alternatives, they just don’t want to scratch a clients windows.

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