Wcr wtf?!


You guys have the highest prices of any Window Cleaning supplier out there and you can’t afford to package a small retail box in a proper shipping box? Also received what seems to be a defective end clip…


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I sympathize but it’s always weird to me when I see people confusing the public forum with the customer support communication line.


@kgfloreswindows Sorry about the damage to the end clip on that channel. PM or email me your info and we’ll get a new kit sent out to you today.


Not to worry, I used my powers of deduction to find your order. I’m going to send that new kit out in a bit.

Thanks for the feedback!


I moonlighted at one of the large shipping companies a few years ago during the holiday season. They don’t make boxes that are capable of withstanding some of the abuse received by the over-worked / under-paid package handlers.


I did the same gig, it is expected that packaging is done properly because thousands and thousands of packages must be shipped in a short amount of time. Package handlers are paid to get it into bulk shipping containers quickly and on the truck. Yes, they are supposed to be mindful of due care, but stuff happens. Most any supplier will fix an issue that arises in transit if given the opportunity. I know that is true with WCR.


If the end clips are jacked (see what I did there?) then that’s on moerman… Just because you order 10,000 clips from the molder doesn’t mean you’ll get 10,000 usable clips.


I get that, but I know sometimes it takes forever for customer service to respond. I just figured this would get their attention quick.


Thanks Alex!


Yeah, I used to work in a manufacturing warehouse. So I know how that goes. Just wasn’t sure if it was from shipping or bad production.


@JaredAI, I watched Ace Ventura last weekend, haven’t seen it in years… Still holds up.


@kgfloreswindows thank you for the feedback we appreciate it.

Not with us! Our official support channels are literally manned 24 hours a day 365. But that doesn’t matter now because here we are. :slight_smile:

I think we are looking at 2 separate issues here. I don’t believe the packaging was the cause of the damaged end clip. I think the end clip was just defective and we didn’t catch it while preparing the package.

But either way, we are shipping you out a brand new full kit today as well as an extra end clip so you have 2 complete functioning setups.

You are right we are definitely not the cheapest supplier in the game.

To share a little insight we list for sale over 6,000 SKUs in the window cleaning in pressure washing space. On WaterFed Equipment which is our specialty we are by far the cheapest on our in-house product line. The XERO carbon Fiber pole line we offer is the cheapest high-quality carbon fiber pole you can get.

Last week did a price analysis of us compared to the other 4 main industry suppliers. We compared 200 SKUs from Ettore, Unger & Moerman that the 5 suppliers all sell.

On average between the 200 hand tools and 5 suppliers, it played out like this.

MSRP ( Manufacturers Suggest Retail Prices )

1 - Main Competitor #1 - 18% below MSRP
2 - Shop WCR - 18% below MSRP
3 - Main Competitor #2 - 21% below MSRP
4 - Main Competitor #3 - 24% below MSRP
5 - Shop WCR - WCRA Members 28% below MSRP
6 - Main Competitor #1 - 31% below MSRP

  • We have FREE shipping offers going all the time.

Aside from the straight price comparison, we offer a ton of stuff our competitors don’t.
1 - This forum for example.
2 - 24x7x365 Phone Support.
3 - Live chat assistance most of the day.
4 - Everyone that works here was once a window cleaner.
5 - We offer tons of free resources and guides
6 - Online communities and more.

Basically, we invest a ton back into the window cleaning industry and intend to continue to do so.

I Apologize if we failed you and I can asure you we are always trying to improve. Thanks again for the feedback - Have a great day.


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I just placed an order with WCR to take advantage of their $49 free shipping deal (my order was $49 and change, nailed it!). Next I looked at several other suppliers to see what their price would be and low and behold WCR did not have the highest price on everything.


Hey, sorry for chiming in late to this thread. I was absorbed all day with in-depth discussions with the owners of Detroit Sponge, ABC, and Harry Falk each on their respective forums-

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Thank you. Seriously, above and beyond my expectations. I understand and see much differently now.


My just have to jump on that deal as well!


At FedEx, the only mindful care exercised/seen was during the 5 minute video of proper handling methods during the 2 hour orientation. Once out on the line or in a trailer, it was strictly load as fast as you can, and don’t worry if you have to put a 100+ pound home safe on top of a wall of light weight underfilled boxes. They were only interested in volume, volume, volume. That was 2 very long, painful months of my life!