WCR Member vehicles and setups


Boy, those Chevys have beautiful motors!

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That is pretty awesome… Garrett I see Racine in your signature… did you finally make the move? Hows it going up there?


Sure did! I moved back in November and started cleaning in April. It’s been a busy season… :slight_smile: I’m interested to see what the winter services will be like!


Here’s my setup. I just logo’d up my truck until I can get a minivan painted and logo’d with cash. Then the minivan will have sort of the same layout.

I built a little shelf for ladders. The 17 LG goes underneath since I carry it always but hardly need it. The big ladders go on top because if I’m carrying them, then I need them and it makes for an easy load/unload with the gate up. The shelf will also carry 4 pieces of stack.

I just realized that I can pretty much get rid of my towel tote since I started using scrims. I took the dirty towel hamper out, might as well take the towels out too.



JaredAl, nice job on the truck, looks good!

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How many scrims are you carrying?


Right now, all of them. The truck is just a handy place to store stuff until I get an office in January.

But, once I get some vans and start running 2 man crews, I’m thinking I’ll give each person 3 or 4 scrim pieces (half scrims) and like 5 hucks and 2 microfibers. I only use one scrim piece per day but we all have bad days and I think 1 scrim piece = like 50 hucks. So you’d have to have a seriously bad towel day to get 3 scrims wet enough where you can’t use them.

The hucks are just for decals and the microfibers are for wiping sills.

I love the scrim pieces because if I manage to use one of them up, I hang it on something then break out the second piece. But that’s on a very busy day. Otherwise, I’m good with one scrim piece per day.

I might be off my rocker, but I finally found the sweetness regarding towels and it is actually exciting: the fact that my laundry load on friday is only 2 scrim pieces, one huck, one microfiber, and two mops… That’s seriously awesome. It takes me only 30 seconds to fold everything for monday.


Wow, just wow. That is awesome my friend.

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Here’s my Rig. I got some tweaking to do inside the box. Photos TBA.


These are a few pics of my vehicle. I have really been doing a spring remodel. And things have been working awesome.

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Yeah I have to agree… They’re really pretty nice.


Here’s my rig…with running lights on. (sniffs) Sandwich/Bananas fit under the ladders with my bid book. Unger HydroPower with pre filters and some hose are behind the Flambeu storage step box and Pulex bucket in back :wink:


That’s rockin’! I always worked out of a sedan up until getting the xB in 2010. You figure out how to maximize space, that’s for sure!

When I first started, it was a '03 Neon, then I had a '97 accord, and after that an ‘84 Camry turbodiesel. I had a pretty nice roof rack on the Camry, but the others, not so much. So I would fold down the back seats and slide in my 17’ LG knockoff. Then buckets and everything else would fit around that.

Thanks for not being bashful with sharing. Some of the vehicles featured in this thread are pretty bawler, but I think it can be just as inspiring to see what can be done with less, especially for the newcomers. That’s the great thing about window cleaning, you can literally get started on a shoestring budget.


Alex, thanks for enjoying my transportation status at this point. Customers don’t mind the vehicle as long as the glass looks good right? Sometimes it’s funny cuz’ they’ll be like, “How are you going to clean the 2nd story windows?” and they can ooh and ahh over the stack ladders. If things go right I should be getting a truck in 3 months but no biggie if it takes longer. There is sooo much joy in the freedom I have since going full time into this 2 weeks ago! Been doing this since 2009 so…Have a little time on the glass. Time to SHIFT GEARZ!!!


[MENTION=2675]congalocke[/MENTION] - I just noticed you got three pedals there, too. Only way to drive :wink:


It’s a high performance vehicle. Have to fill with premium… :wink:


I started the same way, I had a small little 2 door Cavalier. Work hard and you’ll be able to get yourself in another vehicle in no time!

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts
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Art, how much did you pay for that wrap design? I had a similar idea but have not quoted it yet. Last truck just had lettering on it. I have a tundra now and your truck rocks it

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Around $3g’s but your prices may be more reasonable considering your not in the northeast.