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I had something similar when I first started, it held everything in one bucket. It fit right in the trunk of my car perfectly

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heres mine YouTube


[MENTION=2009]jonnyald[/MENTION]- you’ve got a 1.9 non-turbo diesel, and you [I]still[/I] need radar/camera detectors? Guess that proves you can speed in anything…

Nice video, btw. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’m calling out [MENTION=4338]CapeCodCleaner[/MENTION]. I don’t think Jesse’s done a video of his Astro, yet (correct me if I’m wrong). Pictures are nice, but video tells the whole story.


Very cool setup Jonny!


Here is my money-maker. After downsizing from a 2011 Tundra 4x4 and having enough equipment for 5 employees, I’ve condensed my window/gutter/pressure/house/dryer vent cleaning services into a 2003 Tacoma. In the bed that’s a 6 stage RO/DI with dual electric pumps (pre RO and post RO), 25 gal buffer tank, 4/4000 pressure washer, space for an air compressor for dryer vents, surface cleaner, or buckets and debris for gutter cleaning. On the tailgate is my custom screen cleaner. On the back is 200’ of pressure washing hose. On the side are 150’ of black garden hose that feed the system and 300’ of wfp hose. On the top is a 28’ ladder, 16’ ladder and 3’ step stool. The sides have tool boxes for pressure washing and gutter cleaning/repair.

Inside seems cramped, but it’s okay. All my tools, window cleaning buckets, rags, vacuum, and leaf blower sit behind the seats.


That’s not cramped, it’s well utilized, lol. Nice work. I hate seeing a big ol’ van with gaping space inside. Your whole setup looks very compact and efficient.


<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src="//www.youtube.com/embed/egl_cadmqWc" frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>


That’s awesome - looks very efficient. Do you wash the screens right on the tailgate? Very cool.



Great setup Jonny ! Love the wagtail organization… the hanging tool belts too :slight_smile:


Sure Do! You can see the before (upper) and after (lower) on the one screen. I have the hose reel set up where I pull the female end of the hose to the house, connect it and water feeds the system (pw, screen washer, pure water, etc.). I turn a valve and it sends water to the screen washer. The screen washer has two frocked push brooms facing each other in a pvc frame with water that runs through it. There are a series of holes along the rear most pipe/brush that rinses the screen as I pull it through. In less than 30 seconds the screen and frame are thoroughly washed and practically dried (because the pulling motion flicks almost all the water off the screen.)


Here’s a Van we’re bringing online now. Only been working a week or so, so we gotta work out best system. Getting there.


Coolest screen set up I ever seen :slight_smile:

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Your screen washer alone makes me wish I had a pickup instead of a van!

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[MENTION=4249]ViewRenew[/MENTION] I love your set-up! I want to work out of the same type of truck.

A couple if questions:

1: How are the hose reels mounted to the ladder rack?

2: What do you do for security? Do you unload the high dollar stuff daily? That’s what I do right now and it eats a lot of time.

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The reels are bolted - three bolts across the front of the reels directly to the rack. The reels, rack and bolts are all high grade. I’ve had it this way for two years with no wear issues.

I have many, many locks and chains - everything is bolted and secured. Also a secured parking facility with cameras and good lighting always helps :).


Thanks for the info. That’s a really nice set-up! I will definitely be looking closer at your rig when I upgrade.

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Youtube has a stabilization option, It looks like his video used that feature.


Yea, that was with my old phone. When I uploaded the video to YouTube I got a message saying my video appeared shaky and asked if I wanted to stabilize it. I clicked yes and you see the results! :slight_smile:

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<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lRcbS6AOVQA" frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Added some new tool holders to the van. I bolted in pvc holders for Open Rung Stand-Off Brackets. Made a shelf out of an oven rack (you never know what has value at the town dump) Stowed the Aztec Screen Cleaner on a rubber mat salvaged from scraps.

So far. I think I’ve saved myself $4,000 with making my own shelving system. Sure, I could have sold one of my kidneys and bought a brand new van shelf system from Adrian Steel, but why live a shortened life with a less than optimum internal organ supply when you can just rack your van up like a crazy smart hobo?


Finally got my new truck, I cannot wait have it all set up perfect like the last one… Just in time for winter haha

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