WCR Member vehicles and setups


With what I have been paying for advertising, I could do something like this. Who needs advertising when you roll around in a moving billboard as nice as this one.


What an awesome job you have done with your truck. The side boxes are really great and must be super handy. I would have to say that it must be the nicest WC set-up from a truck bed. Very nice!


I did mean Tacoma Monty - And not a wrap either :slight_smile: Thanks for the information, very helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:


Correction - This is a Tundra, not a Tacoma, and this truck is the one I like.


Nice - Do you still have the seating in the cab or what?


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I had a couple questions Art. How does the signs on the sides stay down. I see the gas shock type opener, but is there a latch or pin or something that holds them in the down position? Also, I notice some conduit pipe running under the rack bars. You have extension ladders suspended underneath. Why don’t you have then on top of the ladder rack? Just wondering. Was it to reduce overall height? I am planning on stealing some of your ideas. Just saying…:o pm me if you prefer


Hey Phil,
The struts hold the side panels in tightly with no hooks or pins. They also release and swing in the upward position slowly. They have worked out well and better than expected. All fabrication was custom and worth the time and money. As for the how the conduit under the ladder racks, for me and how I work within the truck, it made sense. After having my tacoma I learned what worked for me and what did not. The Tundra has been not only fantastic to drive but a real pleasure to work from. Hope this helps.


Thanks Art.


Are you going to wrap it like this one LArry?


You make me sick!! Lol


DeJay, your truck is pretty sweet too. You have nothing to be ashamed of.


Thanks but the bed of his truck is crazy nice. I wish I could stay that organized.


2008 nissian pathfinder, Going to get some glass cleaning magnets to add to the advertising on it… Dont have a picture of the rest of it…

I also have a 2013 Hyundia Accent hatchback that I rigged with roof racks, Going to put my Adjustable ladder,s on the roof,

Tank in the trunk and battery and bucket and poles and save $$$ on gas for jobs that do not need allot of water,

When the water issue comes into play, roll out with the truck…

I am thinking of Trading in 2 work vans and getting 2 new Ford transit vans, And if I get a good deal I will purchase 3 and set the truck up as a window cleaning , tinting mobile


It sure is. I wish mine was that well organized too. Even when I do organize it, it won’t stay that way for long.


[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]Know what you mean Phil,

Same here clean the van out try to organize it, by the by the end of the week looks like $hit.:eek::o

The work shed is even worse!!!LOL:)

Still find things eventually[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#000000] :rolleyes::D[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]<O:p</O:p


I just finished adding some more shelves, etc. to my van a couple of weeks ago to organize more and then MY TRANSMISSION DIED!
The shop I took the van to was in a rather seedy part of town so I took EVERYTHING out of it and had the pleasure of reloading after I got it back!


Your to funny. I like your wrap a lot and the over all look of your truck. For me, after working out of the tacoma I knew what I was looking for in my next truck and what would make it easier and more enjoyable. Even now, everything has its place and in not putting those items back where they belong then they just won’t fit. The side mount truck boxes and the 4’ drawer systems were not cheap but make it easier to work from and add to the overall first impression from the client. I also added this mod to the tailgate which is kinda trippy for a truck.



… Very trippy for a truck.