WCR Member vehicles and setups


Do you have any pictures of your setup? I have a few ideas but the more the merrier. I am going to put a 100gal water tank in it… Its a small town so worse case I can run home for lunch and fill back up if I really think I am going to run out but I don’t see that ever happening.


No pics but I have a di tank and just plug in to customers water. My focus has shifted to pressures washing so my wfp set up is basic


I gotcha…I wanted to start doing pressure washing but my best friend has that in this small town so going to focus on windows and janitorial/office cleaning.


Worked out a deal on this van. 700 dollars and ac and heat works and less than 40k miles. Excited to get started on it over the next month and get it ready to look sharp. Been watching videos on YouTube all night last night on can setups.


Finally I took pics so you know I’m real. :laughing: Here’s my setup :relaxed: 20’ ladder on top, 6’ inside with rest of tools. I do house cleaning too so it is bit crowded in there :laughing:


Nice setup Pavel. I like the CZ sticker :wink:


I started with a 1993 chevy caprice, with ladders hanging out the trunk. I hated it but at the same time miss the start up issues! Then got a 1993 ford explorer, ladders still wouldn’t fit…but then got a full size truck…I guess we all make do with what we have until we get better(money)…I wished i had pic of the old rides, when i get then new set up I will post pics.


thanks, sticker is very important :laughing:


luckily I don’t have startup issues because it is not start up setup :laughing:


Have your logo and easy to read phone numbers is key to getting work off your van sign. Pick up lots of work with my van sign now!!


Need to key it seperate for tax reasons


How many calls do you guys get in regards to poor driving?

95% of the call received thru our office due to vehicle logo/number was about poor driving that I had to remove them.


Keep track of the mileage you put on it for the business, and take the mileage deduction on you taxes.

You’ll probably want to get commercial auto liability, as well. Most policies allow for some personal use of the vehicle, as long as it’s “primarily” a work vehicle. Permanent signage makes a good argument for “primarily”


I have to remind myself: “You have the company’s magnets on the truck, drive smart!” It’s hard when your truck has nearly 400 HP.


Nice! :sunglasses:



What’s the biggest ladder that you can carry on the transit connect? I’m wondering if I can carry a 32


I work out of a '97 Ford Explorer. It’s not the most ideal, but it’s got clean lettering on it and will serve its purpose for now. Below is the transformation from (1. When I first started out with tools I inherited from a friend who moved) through (2. Buying a WFP system from someone retiring) to (3. Working with my wife as a team and setting everything up in an intuitive place that works with our cleaning process). Believe or not, it stays clutter-free and works. Many ideas were taken from different members on this forum, and I sincerely thank everyone for that.


So you removed your free advertising , because you got calls for bad driving. Maybe you should remove the driver, or was it that bad I mean really.
Seriously how many calls?

You could t have a meeting An tell your guys you are getting calls about bad driving we need to calm down. Plus the fact that tyour driving my company vehicles there should be no rush while driving


Did the cat come with the tools?