WCR Member vehicles and setups


I’m liking the topper. Might have to upgrade mine to that next year.

Here’s my current situation:


I am thinking of mounting a skid pressure washer w/heater into the back of a van. My only concern was the heater producing too much heat. Does the PVC pipe above the heater, that you use as a holster get very hot when you run the PW with the heater? Have you noticed any other issues when running the heater?

Awesome set up, thanks for sharing.


I like your setup, just needs a little organization…(my ocd) :wink:

I like the cover you have better then a topper (since you use stacks!)


This was an end of the week photo. But it irritates me too. Ideally I’d like a hardcover tonneau cover with racks mounted to it ( I could put my little giant knock off, 4 ft step and stacks on it). That way it would free up space, but a topper with racks makes more sense right now. I still offer gutter cleaning and may need to throw on my 32 footer. Currently, if that is the case I would remove my soft tonneau cover and throw on ladder racks.


That makes sense… :slight_smile:


Although I charge a lot now for gutter cleaning. We rarely close our bids on it now. Which doesn’t bother me. We average $75-90 hourly when the majority of competition is around $45-60. So maybe I can kick the 32 footer to the curb.


We put a hot water skid in a new 12’ enclosed last spring… yes it gets very warm. You’ll meet to vent the heat out with a double walled duct to keep from damaging things around the vent. That would be a lot of weight for the van imo
Let us know what you come up with



Hey Chris, im looking to get the same ladder rack, the alurack. Which tracks did you get for the rack to mount on or did the tracks come with the truck cap? Thanks.


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@Streakerfree… what brand of hose reel is that with how many feet of wfp tubing? Thanks.


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Trade secret, huh? Jk :wink:


Cox Hose Reel with 166ft of 3/8" Hose


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Hey everyone… I am very excited It looks like I am getting a van like this one as a 1998 dodge van with less than 40 thousand miles on it. I know its older but it was used as a follow delivery van in a small town and I luckily know the owners of it. I can’t wait to start decking it out with everything and getting my wfp system and installed in this thing. I am looking forward to not having to unload the truck each night. Also I am doing more storefront and office / janitorial cleaning in this small town so don’t need the ladders nearly as often.

I am posting on this thread to bookmark it so I can find it easily as well as if anyone has van setups that hasn’t already posted I would love to see them especially if you have a wfp setup.

Thanks everyone


Seen that reel your WFP hose is on once, great reel. From the UK correct?


I have that van but the cargo model and it’s a 2000