WCR Member vehicles and setups


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@walkthruglass and @Alex_Lacey ^^^

Nice ride and setup @Shinywindows!


Too much GG4?


Dude, I love that drawer. I think I need to do something like that for 4-slice. Got any close up pics of how it’s installed or constructed?


I’ll see if I have more pics when I get the chance…The outside box is 3/4 plywood, that I routed the edges on, then glued and screwed together…the drawer is 1/2 ply, same construction, all attached with 350 lb. full length drawer slides…then I glued on the felt to match the interior. Next time I’d use a more rigid material for the top, because it does flex a bit more than I like, but it works.


Cool. Did you relocate your spare tire?


Spare still under there…I can get to it if I need to. Back seats are still installed too, but if I get the water fed system I want, the seats are coming out!


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The old ride :frowning:
I miss it


I’m up in Northern Ohio by Lake Erie, which is just a big shit filled farm pond, that tons of bugs breed on…well those bugs end up on everyone’s windows where big ass spiders eat them and shit on the windows…the micro tigers do seem to be the best to get that spider shit off!


New to the Forum, I wanted to post a few pictures of my Work Truck Setup. Started with a Trailer Setup that was perfect at first, but having everything on-board one vehicle has been much easier to work with. Great Forum as I have been reading all morning, lots of help and looks like a good community of like minded workers. T




Dude, you should send that line to Pulex and let them use that line in their next ad!


“The art of less.
No ladders, no cranes,
Just clean windows.”


Joshua very cool!! :sunglasses:


This is a great post, I am new to blogs and forms like this one but this alone has given me some great ideas as I have a window cleaning business and am looking to expand and go bigger thus I will need a more professional look to add to future vehicles. Thanks for sharing everyone, some of you guys have very unique decals and such and I am excited to get my own trucks branded for my company!


Some pics for you to enjoy!

Got my WFP setup and built into my truck. I have bigh plans and designs for this, I will weld a frame and build the tank reaals and DI unit all onto one frame that can be moved in and out of the bed but for now this works. Sourced the parts and built it a a self contained 12v unit just like the setup i built in my van in the UK.

I got a 40ft gardiner pole for a mid rise job and its sooo loght and great compared to my old aluminum tucker pole.

Happy with it and just itching to make money with it now!