WCR Member vehicles and setups


Golf Cart Window Wagon
Saving Gas. Making Money.

Eco Friendly Window Cleaner

Vehicle #3 gets the most love from me…


Niiice :sunglasses:





2003 Ranger. Got the cap for $100 from my mechanic and the racks came off a van at the junkyard. 24’ extension ladder on top, little Giant, 4’ step and cosco 2-step in the back with my tools.


I need a truck like yours that I can dedicate to pressure washing and soft washing.


I’ve thought about getting a "Summer Service Trailer."
For warm weather stuff like that.

I don’t do much PWash, but I get asked A LOT!
Enough to make me think about buying… a dedicated trailer.


I thought about a trailer but I drive a ram van 3500 extend van I feel like a train driving on the road


These are the only pics I have on my IPad of a couple vehicles we have lettered up


Wow i thought i was the only one i stsrted with a peugot 206xt used to put my hydro cart on the front seat man those were the dreadful days now im renault kangoo


This my favorite if i was a snazzy rch man with mansion would deffinitly give u a ring
Thats impressive did u design it


Im so grateful to gd i have a car/van starting out on foot was the grim old days


Hey buddy. I am looking at putting the ro di in my truck. I am trying to figure out the best way. I like the way yours looks. Was wondering if i could get some info on your setup and see some diff options.


I don’t have anything special. Just an h2pro I pull out from in the bed that I hook up to the reels


Ok. Thanks for that. I really like your side tool box. Wondered what brand it was? Looks like an Owens. Also maybe an item number if you have it? Thanks.



We designed and custom built this little guy to fit the specific needs of our business. We’ve streamlined operations to the point where 90% of our contracts are a 30 minute bike ride away. It’s faster than driving and provides unique visibility. We don’t waste time in traffic anymore. We don’t fight for parking anymore. I park right on the front lawn of some of our jobs. People go insane (in a good way) when they see it. It really speaks to the European culture here.

It’s modular so it can be transformed into a flatbed within 5 minutes. The lockable pole tube can also be removed within 5 minutes.

It appeals to two of my great loves. Simplicity and bicycles.


Very cool Joshua!


Thanks Steve!