Waxing My Pole


Pole got dirty inside because the hose was dragged through some mud, made the finish dry and it doesn’t extend and shorten smoothly. A SEVERE Pain In My A$$.

Does anybody else wax their poles? I bought Meguire’s CLEANER WAX. Will let the community know if it solves my problem, but if you have a better solution I’m eager to know.


Cleaner wax isn’t very good in my opinion, cuz it takes off old coats as you apply. I only waxed the handle section, because the sections inside? You’ll end up with white gunk everywhere.

I only waxed them to keep them looking new so the guys wouldn’t beat it up and take better care of them.

I found that using a high quality epoxy on all the sections maybe twice per year really makes a difference.

Best way to do it in my opinion, mix an extremely small portion (when you THINK you have a small portion, cut that in half) and have a double pair of rubber doctor gloves on and wipe your hand in the epoxy and roll it down the pole.

All you need is enough to get it “wet”.

Make SURE you prep it first or its a waste of time.
You gotta scuff sand the sections, take the glossy coat off or at least scuff it so the epoxy can have something to stick to. Make sure you ain’t going to be using that pole for at least 3 or 4 days because you have to really let it cure.

If you put more epoxy on than that, you will make it so the pole is too fat and won’t slide well.


Great stuff. Thanks. I’m already half done with the project, and it DOES make a difference, but I’m not looking forward to white stuff of which you speak.

So I’m flagging your post and will epoxy (thin!) when the white stuff wears off.


It’ll flake off in a few months you’ll see it when you collapse the pole after a while. You can get it off with some dawn and a microfiber.

Oh and don’t flag it, bookmark it


Yea, bookmarked. So all I need is dawn and a microfiber towel to remove this wax? That doesn’t seem very durable for a wax.

Oh, and any specific epoxy?


Its just wax. If it sits on there and gets baked in Dawn won’t get it off probably. But on the back of some wax’s in the directions it says a mild dish soap.


This is why its better to run the hose on the outside of the pole…


-Insert crewed pole waxing joke here-


Yeah I was almost afraid to click this topic haha


Made you look, didn’t I?

Might just try it outside, but what about my univalve?