Waterfront windows


Saw these windows the other day. How would you access these? #wildfiresmoke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


WFP from a Paddle board :flushed:


Since they look like double hung, I would likely try from inside before attempting from the outside.


I had a restaurant on the water that we did from a boat. Not the easiest but it worked. Hopefully those are tilt in windows


Unger just Introduced the new " Squeegee Drone " ! That’s what I would invest in if I had this job.


snap i thought you was joking till i googled it.

looks interesting but impractical. i dont see how they’ll be able too actually make it work.

seems like craftsmanship will def suffer and thats a lot of trips back too van to wet a window


that does not sound like fun.

we recently cleaned a 4 story with 20mph winds (highly advised against it) but they had an inspection and called it in as a rush. plus it was over 115 degrees. i almost passed out from the heat and extra exertion. i couldn’t imagin working from a small boat lol


If the water is no more than waist deep then WFP, or ladder with large footers if need be. Otherwise if they tilt in then clean from the inside; next option is a sturdy platform of a boat.


Thanks for the great ideas! I’m going to hope they are accessible from the inside!


Had to do this last summer to get 2 windows- like was mentioned- “hopefully” the water isn’t too deep and warm!


@Traskrider ha! That’s awesome!


at least you dont need too find a restroom to go pee!


you need a hat amigo! you’re gonna burn that noggin. my stepdad is anglo and ended up w/ skin cancer


@WDW @squeegeemike can you provide a link to this? Gotta check out such a thing!