Waterfed pole


How well do waterfed poles work? Do they typically leave any streaking or is it all about the technique you used with it?


Wfp is a proven system.

Many times is a faster and more efficient way to access high or difficult windows.

I have over $20,000 invested, would not do this if not.


It sounds almost like a gimmick. It really does work, though. It won’t always be your go-to tool but it is nice to have.


What kind would you all recommend? Mostly everything I do is residential, alot of 2 story homes. In the past I have always just used ladders but I would LOVE to be able to shy away from them as much as possible.


Hey, so first off i am a rep here at WCR so take this with a grain of salt. I have been pure water cleaning for about 10 years, and I love it. i personally wouldn’t be a window cleaner with out it. it isn’t an end all, like in someones living room, but as far as another tool, it is the best single tool in the industry. Oh, and let me know if you want any more In depth info, just shoot me a text 862-312-2026


Will do! Thanks!


Use the search feature. There is tons of information there about poles, brushes, DI, RO, technique, and anything else you are looking for to get you started.


This is probably a dumb question, but is there a way to search this forum for past posts and conversations? The only search thing on mine i see is for google but not for the forum. On the pressure washing one anytime I ever wondering something i can search it and read everything about it.


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This will be helpful for you - https://windowcleaner.com/waterfed-poles/understanding/#guide


@akinat041 I was very skeptical about it doing as good as traditional and was always saying NOPE I NEVER GET ONE. Well I was able to use one on a job (Friends Company had one) and right after I went and bought the Tucker 35CF with a Unger Hydro and can say it is a great edition to the industry. With anything it will take getting used to but was able to pick up practicing on my house. And wow cut my time down on the outside by almost half and im still in that learning curve. I can see it bringing the time down much more and the added function of not having to ladder up is a bonus.

In some towns we have houses stacked and laddering up was always a safety issue. But did one of those on Friday and no issues just angle the brush and windows perfect. Funny thing this past year ive gone from Ettore only guy and NEVER getting a WFP - and now im a WFP owner and my go to tool for nose to glass has become the Moerman Excelerator with the F*liq. Weird happenings in the WINDOW WORLD.

P.S. The Tucker Nylon/Boars hair brush is amazing. Didnt even need to use the Bronze attachment.


If you If you look at suggested topics it will have threads related to the topic. Also the search option will give you threads with the same topic. Also the link Chris gave you is a awesome wealth of information on the topic. Also you can call me anytime direct or PM text Voxer


Sorry Garry, but I’m getting an entire google search every time I use the search bar not just the website. Don’t have time to sift through all of it. Perhaps others are have no same difficulty.


Yes, mine does same, has for some time.

Starts with google searched matches then searches forum’s


Yes, the first few are advertisements, then everything after that is keyword related to your search on WCR.


@Chris and @magneticat search bar remedy?


Even the way it is hasn’t stop me from using the search function


We will be releaseing a new search solution by the end of January. We are getting close.



I was the same way. Traditional was all I was interested in and couldn’t get it how pure water would do such an amazing job. Well, it does.

I have the same Tucker 35 CF, Unger Hydro set up. The savings of not having to position the ladder, or ladders, several times and find safe ladder placement among some of the worst landscaping obstacles is immense.

Today’s job was a tall one-story. I could pull the screens from a reaching position, clean those with my screen cleaner, then go around and WFP all except the back patio windows, (for the reason of water runoff would have got on everything).

This is a regular exterior clean each quarter and I shaved just short of an hour off my time from traditional. And I still, after a couple of months, consider myself in “practice mode” with the WFP.