Waterfed pole steel wool attachment?


What’s the name of the attachment I can put on my tucker brush system, for really dirty windows, with the steel wool attached? I saw it somewhere, or was that just home made? Any recommendation would be appreciated!


Here ya go. This simple tool is amazing!




I appreciate that, idk why I had a hard time finding that…


Man I’ve been under a rock! Thats awesome!


Do you have a headache? :rofl:


Its numb already.


Anyone thought to put white scrubbing material around it, instead of steel wool.??


do y’all sell just the bronze wool? I haven’t found that on the site.


Doodle bug…they already have those


Yes but if just wrap pad around instead of steel wool you would have a nice size smaller scrubber .
Would work the same as well.


I use this one:



Just as good as steel wool and coats much less.


No way a white pad would work the same, not on what I use steel wool for. A
white pad can scrub great, but it won’t remove caulking etc…just my
observation with the stuff I do.


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Yes can see that would be different.
But when it comes to just generally removing stuff that the brush can’t this would be just as good?


In my opinion I would say this is a specialty tool stuff the white pad won’t take off, you know?


Probably not,
But when the Water fed poles came out,
That is what were saying then also.


You can find the bronze wool pads here.



I can say from experience that its handy to have. I’ve actually had to wrap steel wool around one of my brush’s to get baked in bee poop off of a clients glass. It works.