Waterfed pole set up


I see both sides of the thought process. I find that if the windows are that dirty on a first clean, the wfp isn’t the best option for me. Further, I hate getting muck all over my brush only to transfer it to he next window.


Commercial windows when very dirty will have two poles running, one does the initial pass removing the filth srcond is right behind with the cleaner brush. This way keeps one brush dirtier one brush
clean. Both using pure watet


In less than a week I should be sporting a WFP set up. HydroPower with Tucker pole. A good start for me into the WFP arena.


Just got our ez mini and tucker pro rinse today. Can’t wait to use them!


Perhaps by the weekend for my Unger HydroPower and Tucker 35 Carbon fiber.


you wont get water all over you lol. at least i dont. 2 poles imo is a time/energy vampire. i use a uni valve, so a small tug on the hose water is off. flip,scrub and then back to your brush.


we tried the 2 pole method in the beginning I hated it , seemed to kill the efficiency of the wfp. Would much rather have everything on the one pole. again just my personal opinion.


To each their own. I use the Kink for my hose. When I flip around the pole, it flings water. Do that over 30 or so windows over head, and the top half of me gets wet. Not bad in the heat of summer. Sucks balls in early spring and fall.


huh ya i really dont experience that…lol i probably get more water on myself using the excelerator than the wfp.


It does seem to shed water, doesn’t it.


That’ll teach me to get excited about a new tool. Looks like it will be a couple of weeks; on back order. :-/


Now it is all here and put together. Just in time for a big 3-story job scheduled on next Thursday. Ladder sets would have probably caused me to decline the job; the WFP means it is on the schedule for next week. :slight_smile:

So now my LLC means Limited Ladder Climbing! LOL


That’s great! Lol

Congrats on the new wfp setup!


Today’s 3-story home is to be the first with my new water fed pole. Hope all of the reading and videos helps me do an amazing job for this guy since he wants regular maintenance on the windows. :slight_smile:


You got this Garry!


Ugh…18 mph wind gusts until noon. We shall see how this goes.


Just remember to rinse, rinse, rinse.

Take your time, enjoy using it.


You can work it at 3 stories residebtial in wind but the water does dry faster so as @wcs said yes rinse it more than normal.


remember to start upwind…


If it’s very dirty that is not a bad idea. You would have to weigh out the time ilose to resin cost.
Can you do more work with the time lose which defeats the savings in resin ?

I don’t know what these guys are talking about wiTh water spots if you use regular water first. Ok so therr are water spots. A little scrub them rinse with the pure water done the waiter spots are now gone. Lol.
It’s the finished product that you will be judged on.
Your reasoning for using regular water first would be , Becuse the Windows , An frames an everything else is really dirty.
So it makes sense to me this method , but it is a 2 step approach which requires more time. Is the time worth more than the resin is what I’m wondering ?