Water trough heater in PW tank?


If you have a pure water tank that holds water, would you consider putting a water trough heater in it over the winter, or would a heater inside the vehicle/trailer the tank is in be a better option? I was thinking water to use on a colder day if I have to use the pure water system would be good. IDK if there’s a very high chance of glass cracking if the water is warm, or if the heater would get to hot…


Water trough heaters are usually set to around 45° or so. Not warm enough to keep your whole vehicle above freezing.

I used a 1000W immersion heater for awhile. Now I have a 1500W 120V water heater element installed in a 1” bulhead fitting at the bottom of the tank. Thing’ll get crazy hot if I let it run for too long. You could easily wire up a thermostat for it.

I think I’ve gotten around 105° at the brush, working down to ~ 23° ambient temp. No cracked windows so far.


Can send me some photos of what you have?


It’s kinda hard to get to. Tank is tucked behind the front seats, and the heating element is crammed behind the center console. Otherwise I’d be happy to take some pics


wow, okay sounds cool.

I don’t need the whole vehicle to stay warm. it’s in a shop over the winter. I just need to keep pipes from freezing but 45 degrees does seem cold…


@Alex_Lacey can you post a link for the heater?




These L-5 from GE work good also.


I’m not very handy, so I kinda need something that’s already ready to use outta the box.


First question we should have asked: how large is your water tank?