Water tank - how much water do you use


Hello all, so I am currently planning to add a water tank to my RO/Di system and wondering what size tank size you all use/ how many gallons a day you would use. I already have a pump and the tank is my last step (besides the fittings). I plan on keeping my RODI unit mounted in my van for larger son demand jobs but would like a small tank to cut down my start up time. I’ve looked into backpacks and would like more water tan that. I am currently a solo operator and usually do one large home a day or two small jobs a day. I am thinking a 30 gallon tank will get me through at least the 2-3 story windows and I can do the lowers by hand if needed. 30 gallons still adds a lot of weight I believe 250+ lbs. I have a univalve and flow regulator to help conserve water. How far do you think 30 gallons will get me/ how many windows. Thank you for taking time to respond. Id love to see pictures!


30 gallons will be more than sufficient for a large house if you have a flow controller.