Water Fed Pole and pure water setup (for the Newbies)



thanks for sharing the pics.


I like it and it’s all hidden. What’s the payload for the frontier?? Anyway nice and clean set up


Great pictures.
How long have you been in business in FL?


vladis what is the capacity on your tank? That is a nice set-up.


There’s some pretty cool setups out there…

So who else is willing to some pics…


Friday bump.


this is a copy build from a buddy

40psi pump and the battery life is good!
very moble


[MENTION=7495]Dirk Diggler[/MENTION] How is that extension pole working out as a WFP?



its just fine, just watch when u let it down! itll pinch the hell out of your fingers



Start saving for your carbon pole Mate… Either the N-lite master pole or Reach-it mini you’ll be glad you did :slight_smile:
Yep that cart is pretty amazing. Mobile,rugged and holds more water. Pressure is good with pencil up to four story work.
Fans though :frowning: gotta get a better pump.

Your rockin and rolling now… Just wait till you hit a cut-up job. You’ll be smiling as you drive away :slight_smile: And your wrist will love you!

Cheers John



John. I know I did a house with 653 true divides. And kicking myself for now getting the next day shipping.
-the next more guess what showed up! Yup the beta pack and the pole. It’s not to bad I take off sections I don’t need to keep it light, but if we get more resi work ill buy one ASAP. Thanks for all your help. Ill be adding a hose reel on it tmrw. Just picked one up today!!


Trucks payload is 1157 lb .Fully loaded I am at limit . Thinking about add a leaf or helper springs. Thank You.


Thank You. Been cleaning windows and pressure washing in this area for 11 years.


Tank is 20gal. I have hudson float valve installed , shuts off water at 17gal. All homes in my area are on city water with very good flow and pressure.I can run 5.5 GPM pump even without float tank, but it is nice to be able let trigger off for longer time and not risk to damage pump.
Thanks. Vladis


Do you have any thoughts on the flow rate of a Merlin PRF-RO versus your 40” made up system? http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/prf-ro-reverse-osmosis-unit.html


Pentair claim 2600 litres per day.

Would the 40” RO on your excellent Youtube video equal or exceed this given similar water pressure?



Compared to this https://youtu.be/ga1Y7D0vk40