Water Fed Pole and pure water setup (for the Newbies)


Anyone have a nice trailer or truck mounted tank? I’m mostly interested in some details on the plumbing and electrical components like the flow controller. I’m getting ready to have a custom fabricated tank (50-60 gal) built that I can put in either my truck or trailer.



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Sounds cool. Can I ask why you’re going with a custom fabricated tank? There are a lot of manufactured tank options out there.

I have a 25 gallon tank in my vehicle- I don’t have any pics a the moment, but I could definitely answer some questions.

One point I’ll mention about electrical is, I have a deep cycle battery installed as the starting battery for the vehicle, and I wired the pump right into the accessory circuit. Some people will say you shouldn’t do this, but for me its the best option. It gets the battery out of the passenger area (which is good, as they give off fumes). I commute enough between jobs that the alternator does an adequate job of charging. I’ve had it setup like this for over a year and a half, and its still going strong.


[QUOTE=Alex Lacey;282210]Sounds cool. Can I ask why you’re going with a custom fabricated tank? There are a lot of manufactured tank options out there.
I have a friend who owns a custom fiberglass shop that’s why I’m going that route, also I want it to be able to occupy a specific space in my trailer and he can make it with a flat top so I can mount the pump on it and store other things on if need be. I’m going with 50-60 gallons because I have one huge job with horrible water quality so I need the extra capacity.

Are you using a flow controller? John Lee pointed me toward the WCW site in England but supposedly WCR is going to have some made in the near future. If you have any pictures of your set-up that would help?


Your turn.



I would recommend a flow controller. I’ve been using one and it really does help with preserving water and just getting the most out of your deep cell.

I love the amazing options some of the UK guys are programing their controllers to do. Some have temperature sensors and timers for hot water systems to keep your van and water from freezing at night. Some pretty cool things happening over there.


I have two DI tanks and a 25’ pole. We all know what those look like.

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Yeah they have really cool setups over their.


I will be a good sport and play along. As soon as I drop the kiddos off to school, and get to my first job, I post up a pic or quick video. Nothing special. Just have 2 DI tanks. I get to the job, hook up the supply hose to the house and first tank. Water goes through the first, polished off in the second, runs through my house real that I have 1/4" blue air house, then through my 25’ Ettore junker, then out my Vikan sill that I’ve been beating up non stop for almost 2 years. Best brush I’ve ever worked with. I did just buy the regular Brodex brush and looks like it’ll work great. I had to drill out the jets to make them larger, though.
I want to get a tank and pump so I can pull up, flip and switch, and rock n roll. Save time in booking up to the customers house. Plus, the TDS at my house is usually lower than job sites.

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John’s gotta peel off the My Little Pony stickers from his tanks first.



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Thanks for sharing John! :wink:


sat Bump…

So who else is willing to share some pics of their WFP and their pure water setups.


Just got back from her “maiden voyage”. Had a commercial window job and two Solar Panel residential jobs and she handled great on the job and decent on the road( not used to towing yet)

The break down…

1.I full up the tank to 100 gallons at home (?trailer is not rated for a full tank)
2. 100 feet of garden hose supply line on reel
3. Ro/di into holding tank or
4. Can go straight DI
5 pomp box is 12 volt with a 2.1 gpm pump feeding
6. Hose reel with 200 feet of 3/8 air hose( pump did good pushing water )
7 small pressure washer in the back which can be removed if needed ( 100 foote of coiled pressure hose, next purchase will be a pressure reel)
8 tool box to hold re-screening/ chemicals/ tools/ Ect…

Still have a few things I would like to add but, she’s sea worthy

Have a vinyl sign coming which will be attached in the rear next week for some advertising… I know people will see it on the road an think “what the heck is that”


Thanks for sharing the pics.


How do you like the back scrub deal? Is it sturdy?


It’s a home made one. Pretty sturdy. Haven’t had any trouble with it. It’s a 10" t bar with a scrub pad, on a Reach around. I would prefer the Unger y, but that’s too heavy for this pole.

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Hi !
Here is my set up.Just started using pure water this winter .
It’s pretty tight in truck bet and i think i am pushing weight limit .Still much better then pulling trailer.
I have 18hp 5.5 gpm pressure washer 15 gal float tank , 6 gal gas tank ,250 feet high pressure hose on reel, surface cleaner , 2 tool boxes.
2 wf poles , hydrotube , 150 feet 1/4" hose on reel . diff. wc stuff .
In pics i set up for window cleaning .For pressure washing i remove small hose reel , hydrotube and poles.
Then i have some room for 10-15 gal of house wash mix.
It gets pretty hat around engine, i am not sure or heat can do any damage to poles or hydrotube?
Thanks .vladis[



More pics.
And I am in Fort Myers ,Florida ,working in Bonita Springs - North Naples area.
Its pic of the busy season wright now for us.