Water Fed Pole and pure water setup (for the Newbies)


It’s no worries…I appreciate it! Thanks again for the quick response! Yeah that’s great if they don’t know! haha


The last few post have be good information Joshua!

Do you have any pics you would or could share with the forum of your Shurflo backpack setup?


Phase 1. Unger standard wc pole, wfp conversion kit, backpack sprayer and bought distilled or RO water.

Phase 2. IPC Hydrotube, IPC Quick Loc Pole

Phase 3. Reach-it Mini w/XT’s and Wash-it Pro


Haha! He was the first to post photos.

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Obligatory fire extinguisher for when the pure water gets out of control…


Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


How much water do you bring with you in your truck.


Hey Mark!

I couldn’t decide which one of the three pictured work vehicles to choose from. I decided to go with the Mazda Tribute because it’s our family vehicle as well. I can work all day with 60 gallons of water in jerry cans. I also found some pretty cool 8 gallon jugs with wheels and a fold out handle from Canadian Tire.

Because I’ve outgrown my little truck but I want to keep my vehicle small and fairly compact, I’m considering the Transit Connect or the NV200. They both have the capability to hold 100 or more gallons of water and a pump and hot water unit. This is definitely the direction I’m going.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


I love working with backpacks. Even tho the Hydrotube is pretty compact, rolling around with a backpack on a cart is a great way to go. I’d also enjoy that ‘end of the day’ wind down, sitting in the backyard making up pure water and filling jerry cans while I enjoy a nice cold beer. :wink:


[MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION]

Is that a aqua tap on your mini ?? or ?? I also noticed pole skin has ridden up on pole(true?)
Mine did, but it’s off now… When i got it off noticed a degradation of the rubber…
Not got a new one as of yet. But when i do thinking of maybe baby powder before putting it on.
And or maybe some other solution…

Pic’s of pole skin



Goldeneagle has an eagle eye. Yes that is an aquatap on the end of my mini. And yes the pole skin has ridden up some, not too much to be a problem yet. Perry has a video (Harrison Tait putting on the replacement pole skin). I believe the design of the replacement pole skin is supposed to eliminate the riding up issues.


which brush is the green one on 2nd pic.


I know John…LOL

I just was not sure if that was the shurflo setup he was talking about…


Thanks for posting the pics Mark!


thanks for the added pics Joshua! pretty cool setup. Can you put bigger wheels on the trolly?


It’s the 12" Nlite Radius brush. It’s great for maintenance work. I also use it for commercial work that has deep frames between glass. It works well for this because its long bristles bounce right over frames, reducing the need to take the pole off the the building as much. It makes a difference when your 65 feet in the air.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


Bigger wheels? I wish. I don’t think so. However, even when it’s full it’s pretty light so if I come to something I can just pick it up with one hand and carry it, with the pole in the other hand.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


How long does a full backpack last you in the field? I am thinking through getting one for storefront route. Thanks

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It’s about 5.5 gallons. On well maintained monthly commercial work I can stretch it maybe 22-25 minutes. On dirty first cleans you’ll blow through it in 5. Charge accordingly.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


This is my set up for commercial work.
Reach it mini and an XT, not shown.
I use ramps to get the handcart into my van.
I really like being portable.

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