Water Fed Pole and pure water setup (for the Newbies)


So does anyone have pic’s of their Water Fed Pole and pure water setup setups that they don’t mind sharing, I think it will help the newbies get a better feel for what works and help them get organized easier if they see pics.
I know there hundreds of pic here on the forum…Maybe this thread can organize them into one thread/location for easier access.


Sometimes, simple is best.

Joshua Adriance
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how are you thinking of transporting from job to job?? truck bed, van, trailer?? almost done with my trailer project, I’ll be set up for pure water and a small pressure washer. I will post pics when I’m done in a week or so.


This thread is not for me. This is just a tread togather pics/comments of water fed poles and pure water setups in one place for all the new folks so they have a easy way to look at what works and what equipment people like to use.


Sweet, how do you like that aluminum nlite?


I love my little 14’er. It’s very compact. I love that it has the same features as the rest of the Nlite line up. I also use the 5’ top section from the carbon to make it a 19’ pole.

I often use it when I know I’m going to be extra hard on the pole. Like through trees, scraping on concrete or brick sills or corners. You can drop sections so the little guy gets super light.

Joshua Adriance
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Picked up a Reach-iT Pro4 over a year ago, BEST INVESTMENT EVER!


Old pics, but you’ll get the point. (ditched all plastic for brass)

This is my ‘making best use out of small spaces’ approach.
We are very ladder heavy crews, so there is usually about 8 pieces of ladder back there.

The worst part was, I ordered the inline TDS meter, after I build the plank and wheelwell cover. [see left side]
(the connections sold here were so small, I think they are meant for a squirt gun)

But I can slam ladders and whatever else, without ever touching any fragile connections.


Thanks for posting the great pics so far.

Let get some more pics and ideas what works for everyone!


Sorry WCS, didn’t realise it was you posting. Not used to everyone changing up their profile pic. I will still post my trailer set up in a few days when I,m done with it.


No problem…LOL

I look forward to see the pics.


You first.

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HaHa i will post a pic when you do!

Here 2 pics of the pole and brush and the pole extended, I use a old school DI tank.(from back in the day when I detailed)

Sorry pic s*ck but so did my phone.

I will be making a new setup (trolley setup)within the next 2 mths like this setup.

your turn.


Hey Josh, how did you connect the shurflo backpack sprayer to your waterfed hose?! Appreciate it!



The Shurflo came with a sprayer wand attached to the black hose coming out of the pump. I cut the hose off at the tip where the sprayer wand was attached and put a barb thread in it with a male garden end. On the male end I put a garden hose quick connect. On my 8mm pole hose I have a barb thread to a garden hose female end in which I leave the other end of the quick connect in.

When I’m out tomorrow I’ll snap a photo for you.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


Awesome, Thanks!!

You can text it if that’s easier



Here it is…

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning


Awesome! Thanks so much for the quick reply. I was wondering if I’d have to put a clamp on it. Happen to know what size the first brass fitting is? did you put anything inside the hose to keep it in? Like teflon tape or epoxy to make it permanent?


Sorry, off the top of my head I can’t remember what diameter it is. Nothing was needed inside the hose because the brass fitting that goes into the hose has hefty sharp barbs that enable the hose to slide over and not come off easily. It might even hold without the clamp it’s so tight, but always clamp things just to make sure.

Let me know how things work out. I can’t recommend the Shurflo backpack enough. It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me in my market. Lol my competition always thinks I’m spraying for spiders so they haven’t copied me yet.

Joshua Adriance
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