Warped windows?


I’m currently cleaning a house, doing 2nd story pole work, but all the windows are slightly warped making it impossible to get a clean squeegee on any of them, straight pulls or fanning. Had anybody delt with this and how? Thanks all!


glass gets super hot here so ive come across some sticky glass. usually the only ones ive dealt with are large commercial panes and those tend too flex some. we just apply a little more pressure and its fine. i use sorbo i like the heavy wide bodies ive tried others but always return to sorbo


Yes, I’ve seen this a couple of times. Nothing so extreme you could see the warping, but warped enough no matter what you did, you could not get the squeegee blade to stay flat.

Try a smaller channel. If that doesn’t work, you may need to do something like spray-a-way and an indoor pad.


Squeegee horizontal passes rather than vertical.


I’ve had a window that was warped just right that it refracted light at the screen and caused fading in a line along the inside of the screen :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It couldn’t figure out how it happened until I came to cleaning the window and noticed it had warped a little


Probably due to outgassing of the thermal unit. It creates a negative pressure and the glass bows in. If it gets bad enough, the glass will implode on itself.

Horizontal pulls, possibly with a shorter squeegee, is the way to go.


It may be called a collapsed thermopane I can’t remember, I’m not sure on the science of it all . there’s a company in my town that will drill a tiny hole in one of the the corners to equalize the pressure and reseal the hole.
I would just ladder up and straight pull or try a shorter squeegee.