Hey guys do you prefer using the wagtail or the inter vice versa? Personally been using the vice versa but I want to see if anyone prefers one over the other.


wagtail = junk IMO!


In my opinion, the Vice Versa or the Ettore version (cant recall the name) is better for poling larger commercial type work with uniform pane sizes, whereas the wagtail (or morerman excelerator) is better for carving up commercial / storefront type glass with many different pane sizes. As with most things squeegee related, opinions will vary widely, and it boils down to a matter of personal preference.


I thought everyone in Australia loves the wagtail? :smiley:


Nah, I have worked with many guys none of them use wagtail products.


Never used the vice versa as it would be too bulky for insides with a lot of curtains or other around decorative items around the panels. Highflyers/Combination/Flip/Wagtail squeegees save an extra move when using on panels that have to be pulled/flipped from the track to do on the insides.


I use Wagtail. When started out I used Unger. Started using Wagtail following year and hated it at first and almost made me quit WC all together. I did some modifications and practice practice practice and it’s all I use other than the WFP.


In my opinion, the Wagtail could be the best squeegee out there if they did 2 things.

  1. Reduce the number of models down to three types. A standalone swivel squeegee, a combination swivel squeegee/pad and a waterfed version. Some of the other models they have are just redundant.

  2. Since the number of variations would be reduced, they could put more time into build quality. Sure there are many out there that love them, (i did) but ask them whether or not they had to ‘mod’ it in some way. :wink:


i just got my first combi…I used it on 3 jobs and half way through each went back to my ettoré/moerman mod and will practice with the wagtail…I did not buy it to do modifications. :disappointed_relieved: I need more practice


I bought a heavy Unger aluminum pole and a Wagtail years ago, used it on a few windows and called it quits. Actually going to need to break out the Wagtail and give her a go again because my WFP tank is frozen solid.