Wagtail (to use a pad or not to use a pad)


non of the flip up pad type tools are worth a light long term in my opinion. youre kidding yourself if you think they save time. they will also hurt your wrist

its a bit like writing with a pencil that has a large rubber eraser on the back end, no good


That’s the type of account I’m thinking about. Transoms/upper windows that go all around the building.


More than a few people have said the wagtail will hurt your wrists and elbows … if you use it the wrong way.

What’s the wrong way? @HE_MAN


These guys seem to know a thing or two about using a wagtail style squeegee without a pad on route work.

Doesn’t look like he’s wagging the crap out of his wrists and elbows to me but what do I know?


its only when you use them with the pad attached that the problem occurs. its the extra weight of the wet pad, when you fan its extra pulling on the wrists


Your post has been bothering me all morning. The more I think about it the more I believe in my gut that you may be right.

On another thread someone asked me how I was going to wipe down the frames if I switch to wagin it with a pole. I tend to ladder up on most transoms. Once every 4 or 8 weeks needs more than bada boom bada bing. JMO

So I guess it’s this vs that. Geez


2 pulls with a 22 or 24 would be way quicker and less fatigue…lol JMO.

hmmm… wonder who that could have been.

wait you answered it before i asked… :wink:


You’re welcome to your opinion. But in my experience, for me, wagtail saves time on certain jobs. Knowing when to use it is part of knowing your tools.


Sorry about that. My memory is getting really bad.


I like less fatiguing even more than way quicker. LOL


I think he might be talking about use in hand, rather than pole work? I haven’t found a swivel to save me any time in the hand either, but for storefront pole work I’m still faster with a Wag than pulling straight at this stage of the game


This is true. I do a lot of poling and for certain jobs the Wagtail is faster, for others (the majority) straight pulls are faster. I don’t use the Wagtail by hand very often.


Time to step up your game. Straight pulls on store fronts is the money move.

Big channels are your friend. (18,22, wide body 24,30)

From our friend @Rich7428!

What do you use on large commercial windows?

I want to clean like steve-o when I grow up




Whatever works for you is what I say! What works for me may not work for others, but I find this method to be quick and non labor intensive. Cheers!


Not all routes and not all people are created equal. They’re usually different. So different strokes for different folks.

Sometimes I’ll be arguing with another cleaner about technique and i realize half way in that we are not talking about the exact same set of circumstances. Usually it’s he’s younger and I’m older. LOL


what i was meaning was that iv no time for the one with the pad attached.

without the pad ,the bare wagtail, is EXCELLENTO , its my main squeegee for hand work and polework.

i think the flipper pad is more suitable for inside work


I’ll give that an amen


Do you use the wagtail angle arm or just put it on the pole?